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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.Pete Baklinski / LifeSiteNews

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OTTAWA, Ontario, October 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refused to directly condemn a violent attack on a young pro-life woman by a pro-abortion advocate that happened in broad daylight during a pro-life event in Toronto on Sunday. A video of the attack has gone viral on social media. 

Despite that video, self-avowed feminist Trudeau did not directly condemn the violence against the pro-lifer when contacted by LifeSiteNews Thursday morning. 

Instead, a media request to the prime minister was handed off to the minister of public safety. That office then issued a generic statement: “We condemn all forms of violence.”


Trudeau did not, however, refrain from condemning earlier this year an alleged anti-Muslim “hate crime” against a young girl that was supposed to have taken place in Toronto. An 11-year-old girl claimed that a man approached her with scissors in an attempt to cut off her hijab as she walked to school one morning. The story turned out to be fake news, but not before Trudeau lavished his support on the girl.

“My heart goes out to the young girl who was attacked, seemingly for her religion. I can't imagine how afraid she must have been,” said Trudeau at that time. “I want her and her family and her friends and community to know that that is not what Canada is.”

But with this attack against a pro-lifer in Toronto by a pro-abortion supporter, Ottawa has issued a statement devoid of any expression of support for the pro-life victim – or any specific condemnation of hatred and violence against pro-lifers. 


All of Canada's main political leaders, in fact, have thus far refrained from commenting on the violence against a pro-life woman filmed during a peaceful Life Chain event. 

In a video that has gone viral, the man now identified as Jordan Hunt roundhouse-kicks pro-life Marie-Claire Bissonnette on a Toronto street corner in broad daylight, hitting her in the shoulder and knocking her phone from her hands. According to Bissonnette, he then tore a pro-life ribbon from her jacket before running off. 

Just prior to the attack, Hunt is seen talking and standing next to a woman holding a pro-abort sign that reads, “My body, my choice.” 

Hunt is seen in that video wearing around his neck on a chain an inverted pentagram, a symbol commonly associated with black magic and Baphomet, a pagan deity associated with Satan.

Immediately after the attack, Bissonnette struggles to regain her composure and asks for someone to call the police.

Hunt is heard in the video saying, “I meant to kick your phone!”

The prime minister's bias against the pro-life movement is well known.

Three years ago, Trudeau made it clear all Liberal cabinet ministers would have to vote against any pro-life bills proposing to put limits on abortion access in Canada. The prime minister has also stated all candidates for the federal Liberals will have to support abortion. This summer he refused to give grants to business owners hiring summer students unless they first signed an attestation in support of abortion. 

Conservative Party of Canada Leader Andrew Scheer had also not responded by noon Thursday to a request for comment. 

But the federal Conservatives, too, are against disrupting the status quo on abortion in Canada. The party's policy handbook states it will not support any legislation to regulate abortion. 

Also contacted early Thursday morning for comment to denounce this violence against a pro-life woman were Toronto Mayor John Tory, Ontario Premier Doug Ford and Ontario New Democratic Party Leader Andrea Horwath. None of them had responded by midday. 

The video of the attack had received close to 716,000 views on YouTube by noon Thursday. It was also trending Wednesday on Toronto Reddit, and has been posted on conservative and liberal sites, including Louder With Crowder, Newsweek, Daily Hive, LifeNews, BlogTOTwitchy, and RedState, and noted on Facebook by conservative pundit Ben Shapiro.

In the Twitterverse, social conservatives and pro-lifers are calling for Hunt's arrest, some expressing contempt for the attack on a woman.

Identified earlier this week, Hunt has since lost his contract at a Toronto hair salon as a result of the attack. 

Noble Studio 101 posted a statement on Instagram Wednesday that “it has been brought to our attention that Jordan Hunt has been caught on camera assaulting an innocent bystander at a pro-life rally. We don’t condone his actions and he has been let go.”