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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking about abortion with a young man at the University of Manitoba in WinnipegNoahFromCanada / Reddit

WINNIPEG, Manitoba (LifeSiteNews) — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has once again signaled his unwavering support for abortion, telling a young man critical of the deadly practice to do more “praying” on the topic.

The video, which was first posted to social media last Wednesday, shows Trudeau engaging in a discussion on a variety of topics, including abortion, with a young man on University of Manitoba’s Winnipeg campus.

In the exchange, the young man identified himself as a supporter of Maxime Bernier’s libertarian People’s Party of Canada (PPC), citing the fact that the party is “mostly Christian” and opposed to vaccine mandates, further telling Trudeau that he himself is also “personally” opposed to abortion.

Trudeau, deploying a common pro-abortion tactic, pressed the young man on if he would still oppose the murder of an unborn baby even if the child in question was conceived through “rape.”

Falling for the rhetorical trap, the young man departed from the pro-life position — which opposes the murder of all children in the womb regardless of circumstance — saying cases of rape is “where it gets complicated.”

“No, no it doesn’t get complicated. It’s either yes, or no,” replied Trudeau.

“Women get raped all the time, and it’s something that we have to take seriously,” added the pro-abortion politician.

The young man replied by saying that he is “split” on the issue, and that he “honestly” doesn’t know whether or not he supports the killing of a child in such an instance.

“Well, it sounds like you need to do a little more thinking, and a little more praying on it,” remarked Trudeau, putting an end to the brief debate.

After the confrontation went viral, Trudeau’s Liberal Party tweeted out additional support for abortion, writing: “We’ll always stand up for a woman’s right to choose.”

While many pro-abortion activists took to social media to praise the prime minister for his commitment to abortion, many others defended the young man and suggested that Trudeau and his Liberal Party are dishonest when it comes to the reality of abortion.

One conservative commentator, who goes by the name Kat Kanada, replied directly to the Liberal Party’s statement to highlight the reality of abortion as a life issue, and not an issue of women’s rights:

Conservative lawyer Eva Chipiuk, who famously cross-examined Trudeau during the public inquiry into his government’s 2022 use of the Emergencies Act against the anti-mandate Freedom Convoy, also commented on the exchange, writing:

PPC leader Maxime Bernier chimed in as well, posting a video to social media telling Trudeau to stop “picking on” his “young supporters” and to debate him directly.

While Trudeau’s tactic of bringing up the tragic example of rape as a way to obfuscate the reality of abortion is common, the true pro-life position answers this type of objection by maintaining a consistent ethic, namely that a human being does not lose its right to life because of the actions of another person.

In fact, there are multiple pro-life activists who have been raped or who themselves were conceived via rape who make the point that to be pro-life is to recognize the dignity of each unborn child “without exception.”

Speaking at the Law of Life Summit in Washington, D.C. in 2013, pro-lifer Rebecca Kiessling, who was conceived in rape when her mother was abducted at knifepoint, said pro-lifers are guilty of discrimination if they are willing to compromise by including exceptions for rape in pro-life legislation, as it implies that children produced in such circumstances are less worthy of life simply because of the abhorrent behavior of their biological fathers.

“Let me tell you, to those who think that sometimes ‘you just need to compromise’: we are not cannon fodder,” said Kiessling at the time. “You do not get to put us out on the front lines and take a giant step back, and you do not discriminate.”

“We are not the rapist’s baby. I’m my mother’s child, I’m a child of God,” she added.