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August 28, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Pro-abortion Democratic vice presidential candidate Kamala Harris said during a speech on Thursday that “the life of a black person in America has never been treated as fully human,” failing to note that unborn black babies are disproportionately affected by abortion.

Harris’ speech was expected to be “the most high-profile and cohesive rebuttal to the Republican Party’s convention,” headlined by pro-life President Donald Trump.

According to the latest numbers published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 38 percent of abortions in 2016 were procured by black women. At the same time, just under 15 percent of the population in the United States is black.

The CDC pointed out that black women had both the highest abortion rate (25.1 abortions per 1,000 women ages 15–44 years) and the highest abortion ratio (401 abortions per 1,000 live births).

While the abortion numbers among black women decreased in years past, black women still account for the largest portion of overall abortions.

As observed by Live Action, “Black abortions (236,919 estimated) outnumbered the top nine leading causes of death (235,139) for Black Americans combined.” Leading causes of death include heart diseases, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

The pro-life Women Speak Out PAC, the Susan B. Anthony List’s political action committee, called Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his running mate “the most pro-abortion ticket in history.”

The pro-abortion Planned Parenthood Action Fund gave Harris a 100 percent rating for her positions on “women’s health” – a euphemism for abortion.

Before becoming a senator and then Biden’s running mate, Harris worked as attorney general of California. In that position, she played a key role in defending Planned Parenthood over its sale of aborted baby parts (which violated multiple federal laws, according to undercover video of abortion industry personnel).

Instead of investigating Planned Parenthood for illegal activity, Harris announced she would investigate pro-life activist David Daleiden and his Center for Medical Progress (CMP). She subsequently ordered a raid on Daleiden’s home while accepting the abortion giant’s donations for her Senate run.

During a recent interview, Daleiden said, “Kamala Harris is the biggest threat to First Amendment civil liberties and First Amendment civil rights that our country has ever seen, in my opinion.”

“Kamala Harris, at the behest of her political patron — Planned Parenthood — targeted me for criminal punishment solely because of the content of the message that I was publishing and speaking at the time as you mentioned the undercover video series showing top-level Planned Parenthood officials callously negotiating the harvesting and sale of tiny aborted baby hearts and lungs and livers and brains,” he said.

He also pointed out the hypocrisy of Harris selectively enforcing state law on recording conversations taking place in public places like restaurants.

“In the State of California, when Kamala Harris was the attorney general, you could do undercover investigations of factory farming, corrupt chiropractors, (and) fraudulent air conditioning repairmen,” he explained.

“Local TV news journalists in California (were) filming and publishing undercover video with conversations — sometimes even in private office spaces — and publishing these videos … on a daily(,) weekly basis. Not a single one of those journalists ever had their home raided or were prosecuted by Kamala Harris’s attorney general’s office.”

Meanwhile, “if you did the exact same kind of undercover filming and publishing, and your message was something that questioned Planned Parenthood or questioned the abortion industry — the sacred cows of Kamala Harris and the San Francisco political establishment in California — then in that case, I became the first and only person involved in news gathering, the first and only citizen journalist in the state of California to ever have the California video recording law enforced against me, criminally.”

Biden-Harris ticket: Taxpayer-funded abortion on demand

Biden and Harris’ plan to undo any efforts made by the Trump administration not to finance abortions with federal money was revealed in late July.

The former vice president under President Barack Obama dedicated one section of his Agenda for Women to “Reproductive Health,” which is generally a reference to abortion. He said he “will work to codify Roe v. Wade, and his Justice Department will do everything in its power to stop the rash of state laws that so blatantly violate Roe v. Wade.”

Roe v. Wade is the 1973 Supreme Court ruling essentially legalizing abortion across the country under the guise of a woman’s right to privacy. 

Biden said he wanted to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits most federal funding of abortions, by reissuing “guidance specifying that states cannot refuse Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood and other providers and reverse the Trump Administration’s rule preventing these organizations from obtaining Title X funds.”

Planned Parenthood commits more than 345,000 abortions annually, according to its most recent annual report. Additionally, the organization handed out more than 593,000 emergency contraception kits, commonly known as the morning-after pill, which can also cause abortions in many cases.

Biden’s plan would, accordingly, enable women to abort their babies using taxpayer money.

The Democratic presidential candidate, in his Agenda for Women, also vowed to rescind the Mexico City Policy requiring foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) not to “perform or actively promote abortion as a method of family planning” as a condition for receiving federal money.

First introduced under Republican President Ronald Reagan, it was rescinded by Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, while Republican Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, and Donald Trump kept it in place or reinstated it.