Friday November 10, 2000


OTTAWA, Nov 10 ( – The Canadian Human Rights Commission (CHRC) is in trouble after a judge has declared it biased. In a court case involving a pay equity dispute with Bell Canada, Federal Court Justice Daniele Tremblay-Lamer found the tribunal was not “an institutionally independent and impartial body.” The National Post reports that the judge’s November 3 decision has already led to a similar ruling in a Case for Canada Post. However, the CHRC is appealing, seeing that its partisan strong-hold is being threatened.

The human rights tribunals are notoriously biased in promoting homosexuality. The commission has place homosexual activist lawyers as judges in many cases. Provincial Human Rights Tribunals (increasingly identified by critics as “kangaroo courts”) in Ontario and New Brunswick have thus far ordered three mayors to proclaim gay pride days and weeks despite their religious objections. The Mayors of London and Hamilton were fined $10,000 and $5,000 respectively for their “discrimination.” The court costs and fines for Mayor Dianne Haskett of London totaled more than $70,000. In February, an Ontario tribunal ordered a Christian printer to pay $5,000 in damages to a homosexual group for refusing to print pro-homosexual propaganda.

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