TOPEKA, June 19, 2003 ( – Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline is insisting that abortionists and doctors who treat pregnant girls under 16 report the pregnancies to authorities as child sexual abuse.  Abortionists and doctors failing to report such cases will face misdemeanor charges punishable by six months in prison and a fine of $1000 as well as penalties from the State’s medical licensing agency.  The announcement comes after Life Dynamics Inc, a pro-life group, did an undercover investigation revealing that most abortion centers did not report the obvious cases of child sexual abuse evidenced by underage girls seeking abortions.

While the move was nothing more than seeing that those who would conceal sexual abuse of children be prosecuted, pro-abortion groups were infuriated.  Sylvie Rueff, president a local chapter of National Organization for Women called Kline’s announcement an attack on abortion providers.

See the Attorney General’s Legal Opinion on the matter: