DENVER, CO, March 25, 2014 ( – The state of Kansas can implement a law that effectively strips Planned Parenthood of state taxpayer dollars, a federal appeals court ruled today.

In April 2011, Gov. Sam Brownback signed a Fiscal Year 2012 budget that restricted Planned Parenthood's access to $330,000 in Title X family planning funds.


The law redirected the monies to hospitals and public health organizations, which do not perform abortions, leaving Planned Parenthood at the bottom of the list to receive state tax revenues.

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, sued to maintain its grip on state funding in June 2011, arguing that its affiliates that do not perform abortions were being denied their free speech rights for associating with an organization that performs abortions.

The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver ruled today that argument was invalid.

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Planned Parenthood had objected that its “feeder” offices in the cities of Wichita and Hays, they argued, only referred women for abortion.

“To say that the feeder clinics don’t have anything to do with abortions is an outrageous misrepresentation of the truth,” said Troy Newman, president of the Kansas-based Operation Rescue, when Planned Parenthood filed the lawsuit. “The Wichita and Hays clinics actually solicit abortion business for their Overland Park counterpart and serve as partners in the abortion business. Blocking funding to them is consistent with the federal law against spending tax money for abortions.”