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TOPEKA, Kansas (LifeSiteNews) — The radical Democratic governor of Kansas has vetoed several bills designed to protect gender confused children from so-called “sex changes,” protect parental rights, and keep men out of women’s spaces. Other legislation recently rejected by the governor includes a bill to exclude abortion centers from insurance-related definitions of healthcare providers. 

Democrat Gov. Laura Kelly, who has a history of rejecting legislation to protect the unborn and defend the reality of the two sexes, vetoed numerous bills in the past week related to gender ideology, parental rights, and abortion. 

Child mutilation and women’s spaces 

On April 20, Kelly vetoed SB 180, which seeks to create “the women’s bill of rights to provide a meaning of biological sex for purposes of statutory construction.” The legislation would define biological sex as male or female and require “distinctions between the sexes” to be implemented “with respect to athletics, prisons or other detention facilities, domestic violence shelters, rape crisis centers, locker rooms, [and] restrooms.” 

This bill also defined “mother” as “a parent of the female sex” and “father” as “a parent of the male sex” and emphasized that “the term ‘equal’ does not mean ‘same’ or ‘identical;’ with respect to biological sex, separate accommodations are not inherently unequal.” 

Data collection from school districts, state agencies, and political offices would have also be required to “identify each individual who is part of the collected data set as either male or female.” 

On the same day, Kelly also vetoed SB 26, which would have been the country’s latest statewide ban on child mutilation. This piece of legislation seeks to ban the use of puberty blockers, cross sex hormones, and surgeries for confused minors pursuing “gender transitions.” The act was set to apply to any drug distributed or procedure committed after July 1, 2023. 

Additionally, the law states that a licensed medical professional who violates the ban would have his or her license “revoked, suspended or limited, or the licensee may be publicly censured or placed under probationary conditions” for specified violations. Doctors who have “performed [sic] a childhood gender reassignment service [sic]” will have their licenses “revoked” as soon as their violation is known.


Parental rights in education 

Kelly vetoed HB 2236 on Monday, shutting down an attempt to secure parental rights in education across the state of Kansas. The bill was designed to allow for parents “to direct the education, upbringing and moral or religious training of their children including the right to object to harmful and inappropriate educational materials.” 

Through the bill, parents would have been able to review instructional materials given to their children in school and request an alternative assignment if the content was deemed inappropriate or ran contrary to religious beliefs. 

Excluding abortionists from insurance coverage 

Also vetoed Monday, HB 2325 was proposed with the goal of “amending the definition of ‘healthcare provider’ for purposes of the healthcare provider insurance availability act to include maternity centers and not include facilities where elective abortions are performed [sic].” 

The legislation would have specified that abortion centers be “ineligible to purchase professional liability insurance from the healthcare stabilization fund,” a health insurance program established and funded by the state. 

Kelly’s sweeping vetoes come days after she vetoed another bill designed to protect newborns who are born alive after an attempted abortion, an act which was described as “inhumane” by pro-life supporters. In April 2022, Kelly vetoed similar legislation to keep men out of women’s sports and secure parental rights in education.

Although lawmakers failed to override the veto of the sports-related bill last year, they overrode the governor’s rejection of the similar “Fairness in Women’s Sports” bill earlier this month. 


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