TOPEKA, DENTON, Texas, October 26, 2007 ( – The Kansas Supreme Court ruled today that the grand jury called to investigate late-term abortionist George Tiller by over 7,000 citizens of Sedgwick County will be delayed at least until November 16.

  Operation Rescue President Troy Newman issues the following statement in response to the ruling:

  Today the Kansas Supreme Court has ruled to ignore Kansas law that gives citizens the right to convene a grand jury to investigate criminal wrong-doing. In doing so, they have become contributors to the crisis in Kansas that has been caused by what we believe to be an out of control abortion industry that operates as if the laws do not apply to them. They have also become enablers to Tiller’s illegal abortion ring that continues to take the lives of viable babies in a manner that we believe is contrary to Kansas law.

  The allegations that the citizens have asked a grand jury to consider, including illegal late term abortions from 2004-2007, have never been fully investigated. The fact that the Kansas Attorney General has brought 19 similar criminal charges on a small number of 2003 records gives the grand jury investigation both credibility and urgency.

  We demand that the KS Supreme Court enforce the laws of Kansas and allow the grand jury investigation into George Tiller’s abortion business to go forward as allowed by statute. It is unconscionable to deprive the citizens of Kansas the ability to seek justice in this way.