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April 13, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – Although outraged parents were covering all main doors of Valley Park Middle School in Kathleen Wynne's own riding, the Premier managed to slip away through a fire emergency exit rather than face her constituents, who were gathered to protest the Liberal government's explicit sex-ed curriculum, according to eyewitness reports from members of the Thorncliffe Parents Association.

On Saturday, April 11, Wynne was attending an invitation-only function to celebrate Bengali New Year at the school in Thorncliffe Park, which is a predominantly Muslim community in Wynne's riding of Don Valley West, said Sam Sotiropoulos, a former Toronto District School Board trustee. Sotiropoulos posted videos of the gathering and of organizers directing parents to “cover all the exits” because they anticipated Wynne would try “slink away from a back exit.”

Khalid Mahmood of the Thorncliffe Parents Association said there were 500 to 800 people at the protest, who cried out “We Say No!” to the government-imposed sex-ed curriculum. They carried signs saying, “Now we know whom not to vote for,” “Parents are first educators, not politicians,” “Respect cultural and religious values!” and “Let kids be kids.”

Mahmood observed that Kathleen Wynne “has lost her ground in her own riding.” He stressed that parents have committed to protest any event in the riding where Wynne will appear.

Not only is Wynne apparently losing ground with her own constituents, but the Liberal Party as a whole is “getting a pounding in the polls,” according to Teresa Pierre, president of Parents as First Educators (PAFE).

Pierre cited a new Environics poll showing support for the Liberals has slipped 7 percent across Ontario in the last few weeks, with results from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) now showing the highest support (37%) for the Progressive Conservatives, compared to 31% for the Liberals and 27% for the NDP.

“The Liberals likely are tanking in the GTA due to popular upset over the new sex ed curriculum. What other issue is bringing angry demonstrators out into the street around the GTA?” said Pierre in an email to LifeSiteNews.

“Unfortunately for the Liberals, this issue is not going away. New protests are planned at Queen's Park and London on Tuesday, April 14, with busloads of attendees expected,” Pierre said.

Campaign Life Coalition, the political arm of Canada's pro-life movement, has lent its full support to the parents' protest against the early sexualization of their children by the Ontario government.

“Don't let Ontario children be sexualized by radicals in government who push a sexual revolution agenda under the guise of protecting children. One of those radicals is Benjamin Levin, the confessed child pornographer who oversaw the development of the sex-ed curriculum as then Deputy Education Minister,” CLC writes on its events page urging parents and concerned citizens to attend the rallies.

CLC notes that a tentative list of guest speakers scheduled for the Toronto event includes:

• MyChildMyChoice committee organizers including Sam Sotiropoulos

• Teresa Pierrre, Parents As First Educators

• Charles McVety, Institute for Canadian Values

• Monte McNaughton, former PC Leadership contender

• Patrick Brown, PC Leadership contender (tentative due to schedule conflict)

• Jack Fonseca, Campaign Life Coalition

• Parents from various ethnic and cultural backgrounds

The Toronto Parental Right Protest will take place Tuesday, April 14 at Queen's Park from 10 a.m. to noon. Information is available on the My Child My Choice – Stop Age Inappropriate Sex Ed in Ontario Facebook page and on the Parents Alliance of Ontario website.

The London Parental Right Protest will take place Tuesday, April 14 at Victoria Park, 509 Clarence St., from 10 a.m. to noon. Information is available on the Parents Alliance of Ontario website and by email at [email protected]



Premier Wynne shouted down after surprising parents at sex-ed protest: ‘Resign! No more Liberals! We say no!’