HOLLYWOOD, July 12, 2012, ( – Pop star Katy Perry told a national entertainment magazine she is praying for Americans to accept same-sex “marriage.”

The singer, who was raised by religious parents and tried her hand at Gospel music before recording “I Kissed a Girl,” told the widely distributed Parade magazine she celebrated after President Barack Obama declared his support for homosexual nuptials.


“I was really happy; I probably went down to West Hollywood and had a shot” of alcohol, she said.

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She acknowledged, “I came from a different mind-set growing up, and my mind has changed.” 

“My viewpoint on all these things – equality for women, the choice to love anyone you want – hopefully, we will look back at this moment and think like we do now concerning [other] civil rights issues,” she said. “We’ll just shake our heads in disbelief, saying, ‘Thank God we’ve evolved.’ That would be my prayer for the future.”’ 

Perry’s new 3-D concert film Katy Perry: Part of Me opened last Thursday to positive reviews, but placed only fifth in the nation, a gross that Entertainment Weekly classified as a flop.