Kellyanne Conway: Failure of polls to predict Trump’s 2020 success ‘a rebuke of the elites and the establishment’

‘There was no blue wave, there was no early night, there was no Democratic progressive realignment ... The Democratic down-ballot disasters carried all the way to the state legislatures as well.’
Fri Nov 6, 2020 - 5:05 pm EST
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November 6, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Former counselor to President Donald Trump and decades-long pollster Kellyanne Conway lent some of her expertise to Fox News yesterday to help explain why poll predictions of election results have been so at odds with actual “red wave” of Republican victories.

Conway suggested that the motive that is driving a hurried election call for former vice president Joe Biden is the same motive behind biased, remarkably inaccurate polls.

“They spent three years investigating the president, impeaching the president. We can’t wait three hours, three days, three weeks to get a result in our great sturdy democracy as to who our next president will be?” questioned Conway.

“I mean, what is the rush all of a sudden? I think the rush is: there was no blue wave, there was no early night, there was no Democratic progressive realignment.”

She continued, “The Democratic down-ballot disasters carried all the way to the state legislatures as well. The Democrats did not flip a single state legislature. And in fact, the Republicans flipped the House and Senate, for example, in a place like New Hampshire.”

“The seven races that flipped are brand new Republican pick-ups. As (House Minority) Leader (Kevin) McCarthy noted, those were all carried by a woman, a minority candidate, and/or a veteran,” Conway noted. “And that means the candidate recruitment the Republicans were doing, their message … really carried them forward and nobody really paid attention to that. Instead, all of these phony national polls were shoved down our throats.”

Conway emphasized that when she became Trump’s campaign manager in 2016, “We did zero – let me repeat the number, zero – national polls from that point forward. They’re not relevant, they tell you trends, but they don’t dig into the electoral college map.”

When a Fox commentator noted that the state polls were inaccurate as well, Conway replied, “But remember, a lot of them were media and academic polls.”

To demonstrate just how faulty election predictions have been, the Fox News panel speaking with Conway played a montage of clips predicting that Republicans would be overrun by Democrats in every corner of the 2020 election. One media commentator remarked, “Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug, and this year it looks like Republicans are going to be the bug.” Another said, “This could be the year where Texas goes blue.”

Conway brought up the fact that pollsters are conspicuously exempt from business standards of competence, something she had also pointed out in 2016 on Fox News: “Not a single person has lost his or her job who was chronically wrong about this election in 2016. Nobody cares and nobody wants to cure this problem. If this were a real business, the C-suite would be cleaned out, the shareholders would revolt and the consumers would vote with their feet, they’d go elsewhere.”

Conway pointed out, “It’s becoming increasingly difficult to sample enough people in each cohort by race, by gender, by age, by geography, by party affiliation. You have to wait, w-a-i-t to finish a poll over a series of days for (it) to be accurate, but what’s happening is they’re weighting w-e-i-g-h-t their results, so they’re getting a small number of responses in an individual cohort and extrapolating that.”

“Why are we in such a rush to finish this election prematurely? I think it’s a time to be methodical and not emotional. I think we should be exposing some of the people who are in charge of this who have a history of being wildly anti-Trump,” Conway continued.

“This is a rebuke of the elites I think and the establishment telling people how to think, what to do, and what your value of a human being is based on your vote.”

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