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FRANKFORT, Kentucky (LifeSiteNews) – After Democrat Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed a bill to ban biological males from competing in women’s sports, Kentucky’s legislature voted to override the veto, enacting the legislation.

“The Kentucky legislature has OVERRIDEN the veto of Gov. Andy Beshear on legislation to ban biological men from playing girl’s sports,” pro-family advocacy group American Principles Project posted on social media yesterday evening.

“Kentucky has become the 15th state to protect the integrity of athletic competition for our daughters,” added the group.

The law bans males from female sports at public and private schools from sixth to twelfth grade in the state, as well as at Kentucky colleges that belong to a national intercollegiate athletic association.

The ban comes in the wake of a massive push by radical left-wing gender activists to allow “transgender women” – men who call themselves women – to compete in sports against biological women.

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The issue of men competing against women has risen to prominence in recent months, notably after college student William Thomas, who calls himself a woman and goes by “Lia,” started making headlines for competing against women in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) swimming events.

As of now, the NCCA’s official policy states that men who “identify” as women are allowed to compete against women, despite massive biological advantages in muscle mass, skeletal structure, and bone density.

Women who compete against Thomas have spoken out against the inclusion of men in women’s sports, calling it unfair and saying it will lead to the exclusion of women in their own athletic competitions.

Virginia Tech swimmer Réka György blasted the NCAA last month after losing out on a spot in the women’s 500-yard freestyle finals to Thomas, saying that “[e]very event that transgender athlete competed in was one spot taken away from biological females.”

So far, multiple states have banned or are seeking to ban so-called “trans women” from competing in women’s sports, with the texts of the bills primarily focusing on the unfair advantage men have when competing against women. Democrat-controlled states continue to oppose such bans.

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On Tuesday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives passed similar legislation to Kentucky’s, but like Beshear, Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf immediately announced his intention to veto the bill, claiming that any attempt to keep men out of women’s sports is “transphobic.”

“As states across the country push transphobic legislation, some Republicans in the General Assembly are wasting time attempting the same in Pennsylvania,” Wolf wrote on Twitter. “It won’t get past my desk.”