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(LifeSiteNews) — The Democratic governor of Kentucky is getting caught up in the controversy over the Los Angeles Dodgers celebrating an anti-Catholic and blasphemous drag queen group called the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, due to his past support for them.

Democratic Governor Andy Beshear is up for re-election this November in the traditionally Republican state. He is running against Republican Attorney General Daniel Cameron.

Photos have resurfaced of Gov. Beshear posing with the blasphemous group’s Kentucky affiliate, including one cross-dressed who is wearing devil horns.

As Christians across the country are offended and appalled by the obscenity and offensive behavior of this group, this is just another reminder of how out of touch @AndyBeshearKY  is with Kentuckians,” the Republican Governors Association tweeted, resharing the photo of the governor.

The controversy dates back to 2020.

“I would have never thought that there’d be a day where we’d have people dressed in devil horns celebrating with our governor in our beautiful capitol in Frankfort, Kentucky,” a Republican legislator said in 2020.

Beshear had no remorse at all about taking the photo. “Everyone in Kentucky counts…I would absolutely take that picture again,” Beshear told a local news agency at the time.

He accused his critic, state senator Phillip Wheeler, of homophobia for his criticism.

A tweet from Sean Southard, a communications director for the Kentucky Republican Party, has attracted attention and reminded voters of Beshear’s affiliations and judgement.

The tweet so far has over 225,000 views and 250 retweets.

Beshear is a leftist governor who opposed legislation to prohibit infanticide in the state and vetoed legislation to protect minors from dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries.

Cameron has used his authority as the state’s attorney general to enforce pro-life laws.

The Dodgers’ planned celebration meanwhile has drawn strong condemnation from Catholic leaders. Bishop Joseph Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler, Texas plans to lead a Eucharistic procession on June 16, the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, to the Dodgers’ stadium, the same night the blasphemous group will be honored. LifeSiteNews is a co-sponsor of the procession.

Strickland recently urged Catholics on The Bishop Strickland Show to boycott events and companies that promote the LGBT agenda, including Target, Bud Light, and the upcoming Dodgers game.

“We need to speak up. … Thankfully, Archbishop Cordileone, he nailed it when he talked about this garbage going on at Dodger Stadium. And, in itself, it’s satanic. It’s evil. And he said it shows what god … these people worship,” His Excellency stated. “And he’s absolutely right. They worship the worldly, fake, non-divine gods of money and power and worldly influence. And it is the path to hell. And they need to wake up. And anyone of faith needs to be stronger in faith than ever.”