NAIROBI, June 6, 2013 ( – An illegal abortionist in Kenya says his renewed Christian faith made him decide to close up shop…and at least one Western journalist takes a dim view of his decision.

“Peter,” a doctor from Kisii, runs an illegal abortion facility in the Kibera ghetto of Nairobi. For $35-$60 each, he performs abortions in a secret room behind his “lucrative” pharmacy business.

Although abortion is illegal in Kenya, Western non-governmental organizations (NGOs) offer supplies and training to local practitioners willing to kill the unborn babies of local women.


Peter performs both chemical abortions, using misoprostol, and suction abortions four or five times a month. Women lie on “a blue plastic bed with grimy yellow stuffing poking out through several large tears,” according to an eyewitness. Then, he sends post-abortive women home after a 10-minute rest.

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But someone has been appealing to his conscience. Peter told that his wife is a devout Catholic and she is “against it. She’s so much against.”

She has pleaded with her husband to return to his faith – and its teaching on the sanctity of human life.

“For the last three years, I’ve not been attending church,” he said. “Now I’ve attended recently, and I believe I am on the wrong side.”

“I’m trying to do it the last time this month,” he said. “It’s sinful. Life starts at conception.”

Martin Robbins, who interviewed Peter for, fretted that the abortionist's change of heart would cost women their lives.

“Continuing would make him a criminal and a sinner, while stopping may condemn women to death,” Robbins wrote.

Peter, too, seemed conflicted, still grasping the implications of his faith. He told Robbins that he hopes to ask his priest specifically how to deal with neighbors who pressure him to return to his old ways. He described a hypothetical situation in which a girl's mother has started an abortion on her at home, and the abortion is incomplete.

“Do I proceed and help the mother not to die? Or do I leave these people because I am a Christian? What do I do?” he said. “The villagers, the people know there’s a doctor here who can help us. Then they bring that lady to me. If he says that you leave these people to die, the village will be against me.”

He seemed firm in his decision – and assured of Divine pardon for his past in the illegal abortion industry.

He added hopefully, “If you reach a place where you understand it’s a sin, I think God can forgive.”