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PHILADELPHIA, July 10, 2013 ( – Kermit Gosnell admitted to operating a corrupt drug-peddling operation out of his late-term abortion facility in West Philadelphia during a hearing yesterday.

Gosnell signed a plea agreement on June 29 but entered a formal guilty plea on Tuesday morning before U.S. District Judge Cynthia M. Rule.

The abortionist used his medical office's “pain management” service as a front to sell nearly one million oxycodone pills for cash, as well as generic Xanax and 19,000 ounces of codeine-based cough syrup to anyone who would pay. Local drug dealers were reportedly regulars at Gosnell's “pill mill.”


According to prosecutors, the abortionist made at least $200,000 peddling prescriptions between June 2008 and February 2010. In all, Gosnell earned an estimated $1.8 million a year at his filthy facility.

Patients paid him $20 per script and gave his employees an additional $10 or $20.

The final plea deal eliminated charges accusing Gosnell of distributing illegal drugs in close proximity to a school. He had rejected two previous plea deals because of the school zone allegation.

U.S. Attorney Joan Burnes remarked on the plea saying, “Another doctor has learned that a license to practice medicine is not a license to illegally distribute drugs like a drug dealer.”

Final sentencing has been scheduled for October 4.

The new set of charges do not have a mandatory minimum sentence, leaving the amount of additional time up to the presiding judge.

However, additional jail time will be academic, as Gosnell is already serving three consecutive life sentences for murdering at least three newborn babies outside the womb by snipping their necks with scissors.

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National outrage at his preferred method of “abortion” and the revolting condition of his abortion facility – the Women's Medical Society located at 3801 Lancaster Avenue in West Philadelphia – have made Gosnell the face of the abortion debate in the United States.

Former employees at the medical office, which prosecutors dubbed a “house of horrors,” say they had witnessed the doctor perform infanticide hundreds of times.

In addition to his grisly practices, law enforcement agents who raided his office in February 2010 found the fetal remains of 47 aborted children packed away in boxes, jugs, even a lime-ade container.

They also found filth as cat urine and the blood of his patients – and victims – stained operating tables and recliners in the “recovery room,” and unsterilized equipment spread STDs between his patients.