Ben Johnson


Kermit Gosnell wants to work with Melinda Gates and Bill Clinton’s foundations

Ben Johnson

PHILADELPHIA, September 24, 2013 ( – From his prison cell, convicted murderer Kermit Gosnell has been reaching out to Melinda Gates and former President Bill Clinton, according to a local journalist who has kept in touch with the former late-term abortionist since his trial.

Philadelphia Magazine reporter Steve Volk learned that Gosnell has contacted the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and former President Bill Clinton's charity, the Clinton Global Initiative, hoping to discuss "prison and justice reform.”

"He believes that he gained insight into what it's like to be pushed into the system, without the capacity to explain himself," Volk told ABC News.

Volk also said that Gosnell described himself as a “soldier in the war on poverty.” His West Philadelphia abortion facility was located among, and preyed upon, the poorest residents of the City of Brotherly Love.

The association is one either organization – or any organization – would likely avoid. Gosnell is serving three life sentences in prison for snipping the spines of three newborn babies in his filth-encrusted abortion facility. He has also been accused by former staff of murdering "hundreds" of other newborn infants in this fashion.

But according to one pro-life leader, a partnership between Bill and Medlinda Gates and Gosnell isn't quite as far-fetched as it may seem. The Gates Foundation has been accused of waging an elitist war on the poor by reducing their population, heavily promoting contraception overseas in a multi-billion dollar initiative.

“I’m not familiar with their policies on prison reform, but it certainly seems Kermit Gosnell and Bill and Melinda Gates agree that preventing human births will somehow improve the world’s economy,” Father Peter West, vice president for missions at Human Life International (HLI), told “Proponents of abortion and contraception have been harping on this myth for decades.”

The Gates Foundation is known for donating and raising $2.6 billion dollars to sterilize brown women in the developing world as a means of population control, purportedly to reduce poverty.

The Clinton Global Initiative's first international conference in 2005 aimed “to forge a new level of global cooperation” in combating “global poverty.” Both during her husband's administration and in her tenure as Secretary of State for President Obama, Hilary Clinton has highlighted the need for contraception and abortion-on-demand.

“While Gosnell used his own hands to directly take human life, the Gates Foundation is focused on a worldwide campaign to keep women in developing countries from reproducing, reminiscent of Margaret Sanger’s dream to ‘to stop the multiplication of the unfit,’” Fr. West told LifeSiteNews, calling such notions “beyond misguided.”

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Fr. West brought an icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa, known as the Black Madonna, to Gosnell's former abortion facility on Monday afternoon and prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy for the inmate's conversion – or, in Fr. West's words, “that he would see the error of his ways and ask God for forgiveness.”

Despite Gosnell's palpable lack of remorse, Fr. West refuses to say Gosnell, or anyone else, is beyond hope.

“It seems he’s not yet ready to accept the truth or the responsibility for his horrible crimes, but as Christians, we must continue to pray for his conversion,” he told LifeSiteNews.