PONTIAC, Mich., Mar 23 ( – As the murder trial for Jack Kevorkian got underway yesterday he successfully pleaded with Judge Jessica Cooper to be allowed to defend himself against the murder charges. Despite the advice given him by David Gorosh and Lisa Dwyer, his two pro-bono,  publicity-hungry legal advisors, Kevorkian went afoul of proper procedure and the judge had to evict the jury temporarily to warn Dr. Death of his courtroom blunders.

“History will judge; It won’t judge me very harshly, but it will judge what you do,” Kevorkian,  who boasts of having assisted in over 130 suicides, told the jury in his opening statements.  However, he also falsely told them that a “viscous will” was needed before a crime could be proven. Judge Cooper interjected informing Kevorkian and the jury that under Michigan law that is not the case. Kevorkian who produced a video of “60 Minutes” wherein he injected a lethal substance into the IV of Thomas Youk, killing him on tape, told the jurors yesterday, “My intent was not to murder Tom Youk, and the evidence will show that.” The jury viewed the tape today.

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Source: Detroit Free Press