Tuesday April 13, 1999


PONTIAC, Michigan Apr 13 (LSN) – LifeSite sources in Michigan reported this afternoon that American assisted-suicide and euthanasia activist Jack Kevorkian was sentenced to 10-25 years in prison for his televised murder of Thomas Youk. Kevorkian was also denied bail pending his appeal.

Judge Jessica Cooper put the “lawless” Dr. Death in his place, telling him: “You had the audacity to go on national television, show the world what you did and dare the legal system to stop you. Well, sir, consider yourself stopped.” Cooper reminded Kevorkian that he is “not a doctor, not a physician.” Since he was stripped of his medical credentials he was not permitted to possess controlled substances let alone administer them. Kevorkian, who boasts of having helped over 130 people to die, was also sentenced to three to seven years for delivery of a controlled substance.

Derek Humphry, founder of the Hemlock Society – America’s leading pro-euthanasia group – commented on today’s prison sentence of Kevorkian calling Dr. Death a “martyr.” Humphry also said “This is a tragedy for an honorable man, who may be a murderer in the constricted eyes of the law, but is seen as a messiah by millions of people who want the right of choice in dying when terminally ill.”

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