COMMERCE TOWNSHIP, Mich., Mar 6 (LSN) – Assisted-suicide activist Jack Kevorkian and his accomplice Georges Reding, delivered the body of their latest victim, a 42-year-old with no terminal illness, to the emergency room at Huron Valley Hospital yesterday night. A note on the victim's body indicated that the man had fibromyalgia a muscle disorder that is not considered fatal.  Ted Gerk, a pro-life leader in BC warns Mother Jones magazine is conducting a “Snap Poll”  on Kevorkian:  “Last week, Dr. Jack Kevorkian helped a 21-year-old quadriplegic man, who was not terminally ill but who could not breathe without a life-support machine, to commit suicide.  Do you think physician-assisted suicide should be permitted for non-terminal cases?”  Here are the results so far:  69.57% say Yes 30.43% say No