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January 17, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – A pro-abortion activist is under fire for her suggestion of how to discuss abortion in an “age-appropriate way” for small children, by essentially telling them that children are sometimes too burdensome to let live.  

Renee Bracey Sherman is senior public affairs manager for the National Network of Abortion Funds and bills herself as the “Beyonce of Abortion Storytelling” for her work promoting the positive testimony of post-abortive women.

“I've talked to my 5-year-old niece about my work and abortion in an age-appropriate way,” Sherman tweeted Wednesday. “She understands that kids are a handful and sometimes people don't want to be pregnant. She gets it because it's quite simple.”

Sherman’s tweet was promoting an article at the far-left website Rewire, in which Paige Alexandria argues that “Having the Abortion Talk With Children Is Easier Than You Think.” The piece calls for impressing the legitimacy of abortion on children at an early age, citing several mothers’ accounts of such discussions (all of which were supposedly accepted by their born children with little-to-no trouble).

Most of the testimony simply ignores (or omits) the obvious questions most children would have about discovering they had a new brother or sister who had just been (or was about to be) killed. One mother, “Kathi,” says she told her 10-year-old daughter that her abortion ended a “nine-week fetus, and that it had no functioning brain, heart, or ability to sense pain like her and I have.”

In fact, the heart and brain begin developing well before nine weeks, and are formed by week 10 (at which point the heart also begins to pump blood).

Sherman’s tweet was met with widespread disgust:

“Kids are naturally pro-life,” the group Radiance Foundation responded. “They have to be misled to believe that it's OK to violently end the life of an unborn baby. Better to teach children, in an age-appropriate way, that every human life has equal and irrevocable worth.”