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In a video funded by Canadian taxpayers, Jessi Cruickshank talks to young children about same-sex parenting, lesbian fantasies, and what it means to be a 'gay icon.'

June 5, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Gay “pride” is a “celebration of sexual diversity,” media personality Jessi Cruickshank tells young kids in a children’s TV show-styled video produced by the taxpayer-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

Surrounded by rainbow-shaped and colored balloons, Cruickshank asks two boys and two girls who look to be about seven what they think of gay “marriage” and if they think it would be “cool to have two moms.”

“Gay pride” means “like, where all the gay people, transgender, lesbian, bisexual people gather up and celebrate,” one little girl says at the beginning of the video. She counts those words off on her fingers as she says them, and it’s unclear if she knows what all of them mean.

“I just think it’s [gay ‘marriage] normal marriage,” one little boy says.


Cruickshank, who waves a rainbow LGBT flag throughout the video and dons a rainbow boa at the end, tells the children about different “gay celebrities.” (The only ones the kids could name were Ellen Degeneres and Lady Gaga.)

“Jodie Foster is a woman, and she made me question my sexuality when I was a child because I liked her so much,” Cruickshank explains.

“And she was nude in the film Nell. Not that I remember watching it several times as a child,” she adds sarcastically.

“As a mom of young kids, I’d be outraged if any adult told my 8 year old daughter about their childhood fantasies…and how they played Jodie Foster’s nude movie scenes on repeat. In any other context, parents would be rightly outraged,” Katy Faust, a children’s rights activist who was raised by two lesbians, told LifeSiteNews. “But, because to goal is to promote ‘pride’ we supposed to deem the children in this video as ‘enlightened’ for listening to and answering questions on adult sexualty. In reality they are being exploited.”

Cruickshank praised the children for being “allies” of the gay community and encouraged them to strive to become gay icons.

“A gay icon is someone who’s revered by the gay community,” she says in the video.

“I’m an ally. Maybe I could be an icon,” one of the boys says.

“Everyone should grow up and aspire to be a gay icon,” Cruickshank responds.

“That’s what pride is all about,” says one of the girls. When asked what she thought of gay “marriage,” that girl said her aunt is gay and she wonders if she’ll be the flower girl at her “wedding.”

“When you find out your auntie is gonna marry a woman, and your number one concern is if you’re gonna be the flower girl, you have your priorities straight,” Cruickshank says approvingly.

The kids had mixed reactions when asked what they thought it would be like to have “two dads,” saying a lot of it would depend on their personalities.

“I dare the makers of this film to re-shoot the video,” suggested Faust. Instead they should ask the kids, “do you think it would be cool to have no dad?”

“The response would go from ‘yes!’ to ‘that would be terrible,’” she said. “Because for most kids, it is.”

“If you doubt it, just ask any kid who lost their dad to divorce, abandonment, donor-conception or death,” she added. “Having ‘two moms’ or ‘two dads’ always means losing one parent that the child longs for, and has a right to. And that's an injustice.”

The one part of the video during which a child gave an age-appropriate answer is when Cruickshank asks the youngsters if they know what it means to “come out of the closet.”

The little girl innocently answers, “When you come out of the closet, it means, like, when you’re playing hide-and-seek and you’re hiding in the closet and then someone finds you, and then you come out of the closet and you have to be ‘it.’”

“Makes sense,” Cruickshank smirks, looking into the camera.

The video is full of bright colors, the children’s faces, and peppy music. Without the audio, it looks very much like any other program targeted toward kids.

“This is sick. To use young children to push the gay agenda is monstrous and manipulative,” Dan Gainor, Vice President of Business and Culture, told LifeSiteNews. “That this appeared on public media makes it even worse. Then to tell children that your fondness for a star made you question your sexuality is further bizarre.”

Teaching children to love people who are same-sex attracted does not mean “using them as ideological props in videos,” Faust concluded.

Cruickshank posted on Facebook that responses to the video had been positive. However, “others are angry and/or ‘praying for me,’” she wrote. But “I believe in education and tolerance and celebration of diversity.”

In another video timed alongside media coverage of the royal wedding, Cruickshank talks to the same group of children about divorce, who appear to be very familiar with it.

Cruickshank is the mother of twin boys, who are toddlers.

LGBT activists have declared June “Pride Month,” during which there are highly-sexualized marches celebrating homosexuality and transgenderism. March organizers now tout children as a key part of these parades. The grand marshal of an upcoming parade in Orange County, California, is a “gender creative” 11-year-old.