Kim Davis on being jailed over gay ‘marriage’: ‘I count it all a joy’

The Family Research Council gave Davis their 'Cost of Discipleship Award' at the Values Voter Summit last week.
Mon Sep 28, 2015 - 3:35 pm EST

WASHINGTON, D.C., September 28, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- For most people, going to jail brings no positive thoughts or expectations.

But according to embattled Kentucky clerk Kim Davis, "I count it all a joy."

Davis spoke briefly to LifeSiteNews on her way to receive the "Cost of Discipleship Award" at the 10th annual Values Voter Summit. The award was given to her by Family Research Council president Tony Perkins, who said in a press statement last week that Davis "courage is breeding courage."

Davis has been jailed for her refusal to issue gay “marriage” licenses, saying doing so would violate her Christian beliefs. Her attorney, Mat Staver, told LifeSiteNews two weeks ago that she was winning her case, despite the jailing.

However, he also explained on Friday that "the case is not over yet. Her name is not on the certificates right now, nor is her authority as a clerk, but that is being protested right now by the ACLU."

In a press statement, Family Research Council president Tony Perkins praised Davis in advance of her receipt of the award. "When other people might have cowered in fear, Kim took a stand," said Perkins. "And today, millions of Americans stand with her and for the religious freedom upon which our nation was founded."

"It's all surreal," Davis said to LifeSiteNews. "I'm a very private person, so this is very much outside my comfort zone."

"I don't really understand all the draw to me, but I'm very thankful that God has placed me in a position where He can use me as a vessel to spread the Gospel and to spread His love."

When asked about the risk of being jailed again, Davis said, "When you consider what I'm doing, it pales in consideration to what Christ did for me in His life, and so what I'm doing pales in comparison, so I count it all a joy."

And how did Davis enjoy the Summit? "It's been busy," she says.

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