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Chrystia Freeland during a visit to Kyiv, Ukraine in 2019.Shutterstock

(LifeSiteNews) — The leader of the World Economic Forum (WEF) Klaus Schwab once told Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland that he has “long counted” on her to achieve his globalist goals, according to a recently surfaced letter. 

“I have long counted on your leadership in ensuring multistakeholder efforts remain focused on results that are more equitable, sustainable and just,” Schwab wrote to Freeland in a hand-signed letter dated February 2022 that was recently obtained by The Epoch Times.

The letter was an invitation to the May 2022 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and advised Freeland of the schedule for the Board of Trustees meeting. The meeting was set to discuss “Preparing for the post-COVID era.” 

Schwab’s letter, along with two others sent to Freeland by WEF President Borge Brende, were obtained through an access to information request. 

While the Department of Finance initially claimed they had no record of communications between Freeland and leadership figures within the WEF, they later found the letters after The Epoch Times filed a complaint and started an investigation.  

“After review, it has been determined that some of the information can be released,” wrote the department’s Access to Information and Privacy Division. 

According to the letter, the May meeting was set to discuss “restoring trust in the global system and its institutions,” “addressing the roots of global and national inequality,” and “strengthening the resilience of the global health system.”  

“Your presence in Davos will be of utmost importance as participants look to drive significant action on these … issues,” Schwab wrote to Freeland. “Thus, I look forward to your guidance in working to build a better future for all.”  

“I look forward to welcoming, again, you personally in Davos,” he concluded. 

Finance Canada refused to reveal if Freeland attended the meeting but there is no record of her having done so. However, she did attend the WEF’s January 2023 meeting during which she participated in a public panel on Ukraine in addition to another private session on the same topic. 

Additionally, Freeland is currently serving as a member of the Board of Trustees of the WEF. 

While Freeland does not invokve her role in the WEF when acting in her role, she has headed a number of operations that seem to align with the WEF’s goals, including its now-infamous “Great Reset” agenda.

Freeland, along with other ministers in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cabinet, have worked to implement strict restrictions on natural resources such as oil and gas, leading many provinces to push back against the federal government.

Just last week, Freeland refused Newfoundland and Labrador’s request to pause clean fuel regulations as Maritimers struggle to pay for food and rent.  

The Trudeau government’s current environmental goals – which are in lockstep with the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development” – include phasing out coal-fired power plants, reducing fertilizer usage, and curbing natural gas use over the coming decades.  

The reduction and eventual elimination of the use of so-called “fossil-fuels” and a transition to unreliable “green” energy has also been pushed by the WEF  – which lists both Trudeau and Freeland on its website.

Beyond her role in the so-called transition to “green” energy, Freeland was also the minister primarily responsible for freezing the bank accounts of Canadians who donated to the 2022 Freedom Convoy, which protested vaccine mandates and COVID regulations.   

As articulated by LifeSiteNews correspondent David James, this type of financial crackdown is precisely why many fear the move toward an entirely digital, cashless society. 

“What Freeland has outlined is an unprecedented incursion into financial activity that is designed to lock the people whom the government deems to be undesirable out of the system entirely,” wrote James in an opinion piece at the time. 

“It confirms what many have been warning about for some time: that one of the core elements of the so-called Great Reset is to enslave populations by surveilling and controlling their transactions. China has already implemented its version of digital tyranny with its Social Credit System, which it will combine with its Central Bank Digital Currency [CBDC]. Now Trudeau and Freeland have drawn back the curtain in Canada to reveal their version of digital despotism.”