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DUBAI, United Arab Emirates (LifeSiteNews) — World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab said that whoever masters technologies like AI, the metaverse, and synthetic biology will “in some way be the master of the world.”

“Artificial Intelligence, but not only Artificial Intelligence, but also the metaverse, new space technologies, and I could go on and on… synthetic biology,” Schwab said. “Our life will in ten years from now will be completely different, very much affected, and who masters those technologies – in some way – will be the master of the world.”

Schwab gave a talk titled “The State of the World” at the annual World Government Summit (WGS) in Dubai on February 13, which was held under the theme “Shaping Future Governments.”

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The WEF founder talked about the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, a phase that will supposedly transform the world through novel technologies, like AI, robots, self-driving cars, neuro-technological brain enhancement, and genetic editing.

Schwab stated that he thinks the world is at the beginning of this phase and that we will go through “deep systematic transformation processes.” He furthermore claimed that we will see exceptional growth of new technologies soon.

“There are some people who claim that we are now in a de-globalizing world, but actually, I would say, we have to re-globalize this world,” he stated. “We have to make sure that we strengthen cooperation because as it was mentioned we are faced with issues that are of existential importance for humankind. Our common future is at stake.”

Continuing, the globalist leader opined that “[we] are moving from a world more or less dominated by one super-power, into the patchwork of a multi-power world. With one superpower, a competing superpower, aspiring superpower like India, middle powers, but also rogue states, companies who have become global powers, technology companies – social media.”

Schwab named three areas where transformation will take place in the coming years: economic, energy, and political transformation.

Regarding the energy transition, he noted the importance of the pro-abortion Paris Climate Agreement in reaching the goal of “Net Zero,” i.e. not emitting any extra carbon into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, Schwab stressed that “we have to make sure that the rule of law is not trampled with the feet” in a “fragmented world.”

“I see Dr. Ngozi [Okonjo-Iweala, director-general of the World Trade Organization] who at least in the trade field tries so hard to maintain a global rules-based order.”

In an interview after his speech, the WEF founder expressed his concerns over the “polarization of the public opinion” due to a quickly changing world.

“It has to do with some feeling that we lose control over our own fate,” he stated. “And here, I think, governments have an important role to explain and to have the ambition and the vision to show that those technologies can serve for the good and are not per se evil.”

The WEF is a founding partner of the WGS and the two organizations share many similarities in terms of their globalist ideological framework. During Schwab’s WEF meeting in January 2023, speakers promoted abortion, LGBT ideology, digital vaccine records, wrong information about the Covid injections, and wearable mind-reading devices among other things.

At this year’s WEF meeting, U.S. Special Envoy for Climate John Kerry praised himself and the other attendees of the WEF for being a “select group of human beings” that “actually talk about saving the planet.”