NEW HAVEN, Conn., August 28, 2003 ( – Carl A. Anderson, head of the 1.6 million member Knights of Columbus, used his message in the August issue of the organization’s Columbia magazine to take to task Canadian Catholic political leaders for endorsing homosexual ‘marriage’. “This summer we have seen the spectacle of Catholic officials in Canada endorsing a proposal to legalize so-called “marriage” by homosexual couples,” wrote Anderson.  Prime Minister Jean Chretien, Justice Minister Martin Cauchon, and the two leading contenders to take over for the Prime Minster Paul Martin and Sheila Copps are all Catholic and all have come out in support of homosexual marriage.  “These officials seem to have concluded that society has evolved beyond the moral teaching of their Church,” surmised Anderson.  “Their actions reflect a profound defect in the formation of conscience among a wide segment of Catholic leaders.”  See his comments in Columbia magazine at: