By Peter J. Smith

  ROME, February 2, 2006 ( – The Knights of Malta have officially notified LifeSiteNews that Terry McAuliffe will never be admitted to the Order of Malta on account of his pro-abortion stand and public repudiation of the Catholic Church’s teachings on the sanctity of life.

  On Monday, McAuliffe made a brazen boast on the Hugh Hewitt show that not only could he be “pro-choice” and “Catholic”, but said he was also invited to join the famous Knights of Malta. The Knights initially disbelieved reports that pro-abortion McAuliffe was joining their Order, but after examining the facts re-informed LifeSiteNews that the Order has no choice but to reject McAuliffe as an unworthy candidate.

  The Communications Office of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta headquartered in Rome wrote to LifeSiteNews that under no circumstances would Terry McAuliffe, an unabashed pro-abortion Catholic politician, ever find his way into the ranks of the august Knights of Malta, an organization dedicated for nearly 900 years to defending the Catholic Church and its teachings. has also been informed by a U.S. member of the Knights of Malta that McAuliffe’s application has been withdrawn.

  The full communiqué to from the Communications Office of the Order can be read here:

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