UNITED NATIONS, Mar 23, 2001 ( – Kofi Annan will seek a second five-year term as Secretary-General of the United Nations. News reports suggest that Annan only announced his intentions after securing support from the five permanent veto-wielding members of the UN Security Council – the United States, Britain, France, Russia and China. Annan is almost assured another term since he has the support of most of the countries of his native Africa.

While Annan may have favoured status among the political elite he is no friend of pro-lifers. As head of the UN, Annan has appointed a cadre of radical feminists to head up various departments at the world organization including Angela King and Mary Robinson. At a farewell event for Nafis Sadik, the former head of the UN’s population control arm, UNFPA, Annan praised Sadik for her promotion of population control around the world. “You have done more than anyone to bring about a radical change in the way the world sees population issues. … You have ensured that they are no longer seen in isolation, but as integral to all development efforts,” he said. In a revealing quote Annan lauded Sadik’s “willingness to brave the wrath, if not of the Almighty Himself, then certainly of those who claim to speak for Him here on earth. … And what is more, you have won your point.”

In a 1997 UN press release, Annan attacked religion, calling it a force of fragmentation: “Religion and other exclusionary identities such as ethnicity, nations, and tribes must be confronted and restrained lest they destroy peace and progress.”

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