PARIS, October 29, 2001 ( – James Charles Kopp, the American charged with the murder of abortionist Barnett Slepian has lost his last extradition appeal in France. The Cour de Cassation, said Kopp can be returned to the United States for trial since the US has assured that he will not face the death penalty.

While Kopp was eager to return to the US to defend himself against the charges he was warned by his French attorney to continue to attempt to avoid extradition. Kopp’s Buffalo attorney Paul J. Cambria said recently, “Ultimately, I want him back here, and he wants to come back here to fight these charges. But his French attorney has been telling him to keep fighting extradition, because he couldn’t possibly get a fair trial in this country.”

The extradition order now awaits the signature of French Prime Minister Lionel Jospin. (Agence France Presse English Fri 26 Oct 2001 International News)

(with files from Pro-Life E-News)