RENNES, France, May 23, 2002 ( – James Charles Kopp, the pro-life activist accused of the 1998 shooting of Dr. Barnett Slepian, has reportedly decided to leave France and return to the United States to stand trial, the Hamilton Spectator reports on May 22. “He’s very excited about the prospect of coming home and facing his accusers,” supporter Doris Grady said yesterday from her Pittsburgh home. (Hamilton Spectator, May 22, 2002)  In addition to Slepian’s murder, Kopp has been charged in Canada with the 1994 attempted murder of Ancaster’s Dr. Hugh Short, and is a chief suspect in two other sniper attacks on Canadian abortionists in Vancouver and Winnipeg.  Despite the media’s assumption of guilt, the truth behind the Slepian murder remains unknown.

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