September 12, 2011 ( – In a new video released last month by the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform, famed Catholic philosopher and author Peter Kreeft says it would be “wonderful” if one hundred bishops were arrested for marching with graphic images of aborted babies.

His comments are poignant in light of recent decisions by certain bishops to withdraw from pro-life events after the organizers could not guarantee that graphic images would not be present.

“What is wrong with exposing people to the truth?” he asked.  “Suppose you were allowed to show the horrors in Auschwitz to the average German citizen.  It might have toppled Hitler earlier.  If something horrible is happening, covering it up is more horrible.”

Using the images is “probably going to be illegal.  You’ll probably be thrown in jail,” he said.

He then recounted a story about a pro-life activist who picketed with a graphic image as President Bill Clinton entered the 1992 Democratic Convention in New York, and was arrested despite being well outside the 10-foot limit.

“None of the TV cameras filmed that incident.  Well, if a hundred people did that, the TV cameras would have to film it,” he explained.  “If a hundred bishops marched with those pictures and got thrown in jail, the newspapers would have to headline ‘100 bishops thrown in jail’.”

“That would be wonderful,” he continued.  “Not because I hate bishops, because I love them.”