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Amanda Donoho explained to Fox News how her sons came home with rashes around their mouths and noses which prompted her to investigate what was growing in the mask.Fox News - Screenshot

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Gainesville, Florida, June 21, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – A group of concerned parents in Florida sent their children's face-masks in for testing and found them contaminated with a multitude of dangerous bacteria.

Six masks (five worn by children, one by an adult) were sent in to a lab at the University of Florida after parents noticed rashes and skin disturbances on the faces of their children. The results, as reported by, showed that the masks were a seedbed for harmful bacteria, fungi and parasites. The report states: 

Half of the masks were contaminated with one or more strains of pneumonia-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with one or more strains of meningitis-causing bacteria. One-third were contaminated with dangerous, antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified, including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and more.

Amanda Donohom, one of the concerned parents in Florida, interviewed with Fox News and explained how her sons came home with rashes around their mouths and nose and this prompted her, and other parents, to investigate what was growing in the mask.

At the school, Donoho explained, her sons “are in masks all day, seven hours a day – the only break they get is to eat or drink. … They don’t get breaks for recess or P.E. – even outside.” 

Donoho said that the mask mandate was recently lifted in the Alachua County Public Schools, but if the children were within “6 – 8 feet of a friend to talk to them, their mask ha[d] to go back on.”

Donoho argued that the masks were not made to keep out viruses. “Viruses go right through [the mask]. Bacteria stops in the mask, but COVID, the flu virus … can still go right through the mask. … Masks that are in hospitals, that are being used every day, are made to be changed every 20 minutes.”

Dr. Nicole Saphier, in the same interview with Fox News, stated that “Face masks have had their utility in the fight against the pandemic … [but] Amanda is right, they are not 100 percent effective against this virus.” 

Saphier added that “transmission among children has dropped 86%” and said that “immunity has grown through the vaccines and natural immunity from infections.” 

Saphier continued and said that we need a “benefit-risk analysis of our children wearing face masks” is needed.

“You can have poor dentition [development of teeth] from increased bio-film. You can have chapped lips. You can have increased sinus infection. You can acne [and] other skin problems.” 

“The benefits of mask wearing in children,” she concluded, “do not outweigh these inherent risks anymore.”

Saphier is far from alone in these conclusions. 

America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD) has recently stated that “requiring children to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth for seven to ten hours a day is child abuse.”

AFD note that the conclusions of all the May 2020 randomized controlled studies of the CDC on masking were that the “proper use of face masks is essential because improper use might increase the risk of transmission,” and that “no significant reduction in influenza transmission was found with the use of facemasks.”

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Thank you for continuing to SIGN and SHARE this petition, which asks policymakers at all levels of government to reverse mandatory mask orders within their borders.

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One-size-fits-all oppressive government mask mandates must stop!

Healthy adults and children should not be forced - by the state - to wear masks when the risk of infection is low and the benefit of wearing a mask is highly questionable.



Facebook is actively censoring this petition, saying that some people find it 'abusive.'

How anyone could find alternate facts about oppressive mask mandates 'abusive' is incredible...that is, impossible to believe.

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One-size-fits-all oppressive government mask mandates must stop!

Healthy adults and children should not be forced - by the state - to wear masks when the risk of infection is low and the benefit of wearing a mask is highly questionable.

Please SIGN this petition which asks policymakers at all levels of government to reverse mandatory mask mandates within their borders

Public health policies should be based on science and logic, not on the type of political posturing and virtue-signaling which led Joe Biden to recently call for a national mask mandate.

And, public health policies certainly shouldn't lead to a situation where more people could become sick.

But, that is exactly what these mandatory mask mandates are doing.

Here are four inconvenient facts about masks:

1) Masks** are largely ineffective at stopping the transmission of viruses.

The vast majority of masks worn by the public are made from material which cannot filter-out viruses because virus particles are too small to catch or obstruct.  Wearing cloth masks to stop a virus is like putting a bee in a bird cage to keep it from flying away.

Wearing a mask for long periods of time ensures that the wearer has a warm and moist receptacle around his or her mouth, on which viruses and bacteria can land and accumulate.

Thus, masks are actually likely to have little effect in stopping the spread of COVID-19 acting as a barrier, but could actually make things worse acting as a receptacle.

2) Mandates which call for masks to be worn outdoors are both absurd and oppressive.

3) There are clearly documented hazards of wearing masks for long periods of time.

4) And, since school is on everyone's mind...

Notwithstanding the above information on the ineffectiveness of most masks against viruses, we don't know if asymptomatic children can even transmit the virus.

But, it was a reported in an article in the July 21, 2020 Uk Times that: "There has been no recorded case of a teacher catching the coronavirus from a pupil anywhere in the world, according to one of the UK government's leading scientific advisers."

And, we also know that children are extremely unlikely to get seriously ill or die from COVID infections. In any case, children cannot possibly be expected to wear a mask properly in a way that would cut transmission.

There are still a lot of unknowns about COVID-19, but we have grown in our understanding of this disease since the beginning of the crisis.

The knowledge we have gained should allow government and health authorities to make more nuanced policies than the current one-size-fits-all mask mandates.

Where are the legislative hearings in county commissions, and state, provincial or federal legislatures before these drastic actions are mandated? Where are the open and transparent debates among experts that provide our representatives with the necessary information to make good policy decisions?

The real pandemic is the panic and the resulting tyranny that is being caused by dictatorial governors, corporate media and the monopolistic Big Tech.

The truth is that COVID-19 is like a bad cold for most people; this is not ebola or the plague.

Of course, the very elderly and those with serious health conditions should take precautions or be quarantined, but the rest of society should begin the long process of returning to normality.

The frenzy to force everyone to wear a mask, at all times, has gone beyond all comprehension, and goes against science and logic.

Please SIGN this petition which asks policymakers at all levels of government to reverse any mandatory mask order within the borders of their county, state, province, or country.

Thank you!


'Explosion in mandatory masking isn’t driven by science, but fear', PART I -

'Explosion in mandatory masking isn’t driven by science, but fear', PART II -

OSHA Document on Surgical Masks and Respirators stating that surgical masks do NOT prevent airborne particles (e.g. viruses) from being inhaled -

'PETER HITCHENS: Face masks turn us into voiceless submissives - and it’s not science forcing us to wear them, it’s politics' -

**Here, we are referring to the masks worn by the vast majority of the public, not to specialist masks or respirator-type masks.

***Photo Credit:

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More recently, they note, the May 2021 Standford Study reported that, “a meta-analysis among health care workers found that compared to no masks, surgical mask and N95 respirators were not effective against transmission of viral infection or influenza like diseases.”

The risks of wearing masks are great. A longitudinal study from March 2020 tot March 2021 published in MedRixin, concluded with the following warnings:

  • Prolonged use of wearing a mask (more than four hours per day) promotes “facial alkalinisation and inadvertently encourages dehydration, which … can enhance barrier breakdown and bacterial infection risk.”

  • Masks “increase headaches and sweating and decrease cognitive precision.”

  • “By obscuring nonverbal communication, masks interfere with social learning in children.”

  • “Masks can distort verbal speech and remove visual cues to the detriment of individuals with hearing loss; clear face-shields improve visual integration, but there is a corresponding loss of sound quality.”

The only positive result of wearing masks, the researchers said, was that they “may promote social cohesion as rallying symbols during a pandemic.”