LAFAYETTE, La., September 9, 2005, ( – City-Parish President Joey Durel is warning individuals who are set on parading through his city streets in celebration of “Southern Decadence” that they will be arrested by police.

Encompassing 5 days of parades, pub crawls and the most public nudity and sexual activity of any North American gay event, the Southern Decadence festival is a New Orleans phenomena hosted by the city’s gay community. This year’s celebration was definitively cancelled just days before its beginning by Hurricane Katrina. Though a few dozen tried to celebrate in New Orleans in spite of the damage and death around them, official organizers wanted to relocate to Lafayette instead.

Durel, quoted in The Advertiser, said that they did not have a permit and one would not be issued even if they ask. “I don’t think anybody would get a parade permit now,” he said. “There’s enough of a strain on our police department.”

Durel was asked about removing permit restriction so that a sense of normalcy could be restored, to which he replied: “I don’t consider anything that’s got the word decadence in it to be normalcy.”

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