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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – A large Canadian credit union earlier this year reported to police some of its customers who were making financial transactions supporting the Freedom Convoy.

As per Blacklock’s Reporter, records show Desjardins Group in a February 19 email to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) noted, “here is some information Desjardins wants to disclose.”

The email listed some of its customers who were under Emergencies Act (EA) rules, including a couple that made a $20,000 deposit.

“The money is used to pay some bills regarding marketing like signs and paper for the (protest),” noted Desjardin.

The email then noted to the police about the deposit, “we are waiting for more instructions in regards of the above.”

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PETITION: Demand the Conservative Party apologize for not resisting Trudeau's COVID regime
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The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) failed spectacularly at resisting the initial COVID lockdowns and vaccine mandates that were imposed by the government on freedom-loving Canadians.

Most CPC MPs subserviently complied with Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in creating a police-state where our Charter Rights were regularly violated, but now Pierre Poilievre would have us believe they have turned a corner and nothing like it will ever happen again. 

How can they rebuild our trust? Well, they can start by owning up to their terrible mistakes. 

SIGN: The CPC must apologize for abandoning Canadians to Trudeau's COVID regime.

You will remember how freedom-loving Canadians were abandoned by the CPC, with Erin O'Toole calling for vaccine passports and most CPC MPs pearl-clutching about "vaccine hesitancy".

That was until the party realized how popular the Truckers' Convoy had become and got behind the movement. 

It's quite possible the CPC would still be mute on vaccine mandates and lockdowns were it not for the heroic Freedom Convoy that converged on Ottawa. 

Let's not forget the businesses, churches, schools and universities that were shuttered for months on end because of the COVID hysteria generated by politicians in Ottawa, and the CPC did nothing.

They did nothing when people started losing their livelihoods (with some Canadians even losing their lives to suicide) because of the government's deranged policy of locking people down.

The CPC must show they have learned a lesson from the COVID tyranny Canadians needlessly suffered and that they contributed to.

SIGN: Demand the CPC apologize for abandoning Canadians to Trudeau's COVID tyranny.

In yet another reminder of how disconnected from reality the CPC were, MPs like Leslyn Lewis, Marilyn Gladu and Rosemarie Falk were omitted from their "Shadow Cabinet" in November 2021 because they dared to question the COVID shots.

Canadians must still contend with vaccine mandates in some settings and the intrusive ArriveCAN system in order to re-enter the country, while we are among the last three countries in the world to continue discriminating against unvaccinated visitors who remain barred from entering. 

As Pierre Poilievre takes the reigns of the CPC, conservative voters must demand an apology from the party that abandoned them during the COVID-hysteria of the past two years. 

SIGN: The CPC can rebuild trust by apologizing for capitulating to Trudeau's COVID tyranny.

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Desjardin also flagged to police customers who it deemed made “suspicious” transactions relating to fuel purchases.

Additionally, Desjardin went as far as reporting its customers who made cash withdrawals in the vicinity of Ottawa, which it claimed were made “in regards to the Ottawa convoy to pay some bills like hotels.”

“Freezing the bank accounts of Canadians engaged in political protest without due process is extraordinary,” Mandy England, counsel for the Government of Alberta, testified before the Public Order Emergency Commission last week.

“We have heard evidence it was not only accounts of those protesters but joint accounts, meaning Canadians who weren’t at the protest at all, had their accounts frozen,” noted England.

England said that the question about the freezing of bank accounts is whether it can “be accepted as sufficient justification for such a serious and broad infringement on the rights of Canadian citizens.”

On February 14 – the day the EA was invoked – Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland mandated certain bank accounts be frozen under the EA. In total, almost $8 million in funds from 267 people was frozen. Additionally, 170 bitcoin wallets were frozen.

During testimony before the Public Order Emergency Commission last Thursday, it was revealed that one Canadian bank executive suggested Freedom Convoy protesters could be labeled as “terrorists” to allow for a quick freezing of their funds, while another banker took the opposite position and cautioned against politicizing banks.

While Trudeau ultimately revoked the EA on February 23, the ability for the government to direct banks to freeze the accounts of citizens without a court order led to immense backlash by civil rights groups and others.

The hearings into Trudeau’s unprecedented use of the EA to crush the Freedom Convoy began on October 13 and concluded last Friday.

The Public Order Emergency Commission began a pubic policy phase to recommend potential amendments to existing legislation related to the Freedom Convoy this week, a process that includes round-tables of “experts.”