By Tim Waggoner

TORONTO, May 27, 2009 ( - Like the CBC, the Toronto Star, which is Canada's largest newspaper based in Canada's largest city, failed to report on the over 12,000 Canadians who marched for life at Parliament Hill earlier this May. Instead, the paper's editors gave extra coverage to a US story about a man who was jailed over two years ago for killing an abortionist more than 10 years ago.

In 2007, James Kopp was sentenced to life in prison, plus 10 years by a New York federal court for shooting and killing a US abortionist in 1998. The Toronto Star reported today how the Ontario Provincial Police have decided not to press additional attempted murder charges against Kopp for his role in a similar non-fatal shootings of an Ancaster, Ontario abortionist.

While the media blackout of the National March for Life is an annual occurrence, this year's huge support for the march from Canadian Catholic Bishops, coupled with a record number of marchers, has incited pro-life groups to take action against the media bias against socially conservative causes.

Campaign Life Coalition just days ago sent a letter to the CBC criticizing the fact that they again denied coverage to the annual march:

“How is it that CBC's national news desk has in the recent past given lengthy coverage to a paltry 200 individuals at a pro-marijuana rally on the Hill,” asks the letter, “but fails to notice 12,000+ prolife citizens overflowing the grounds of Parliament Hill?”

“Is this not proof of a double standard which favours 'socially liberal' causes?”

CLC also sent the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) a letter of formal complaint, which accuses the CBC of discrimination against the March for Life.

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