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Dear readers,

This note is an urgent reminder that today is the last call for our Summer fundraising campaign!
We only have another $65,000 left to raise to keep our mission operational through the next quarter – but we need your support today if we have any hope of reaching our goal!
Amazingly, it would take less than 1% of our 3-5 million monthly readers to donate any amount to get us all the way to that necessary goal!
Will you be a part of that generous 1% and support our Culture of Life mission today with a donation – even if it’s just $5 or $10? 

Your support is the sole reason LifeSite is able to reach tens of millions of people with truthful pro-life and pro-family news reporting! Please help us continue to build a Culture of Life and Family with a donation in these final hours!
If you are not able to financially support this mission with a gift today, don’t forget that truly the greatest gift you can give to LifeSite and our staff is your continued prayers.
Please pray not just for the success of our Summer campaign, but for all of our staff, that we may be given the courage and wisdom always to be faithful to God’s will for this apostolate in defense of life, family, faith and freedom.
We sincerely appreciate and rely upon the prayers of our supporters, and we in turn pray for you every day during our daily morning staff prayer.
Friend, we are asking you this one final time to support our mission to report the TRUTH, without compromise, on the most important issues facing our culture!
After today, appeals related to this campaign will cease. We leave the results in your hands, trusting in your generosity and in Divine Providence!
As usual, we will leave the thermometer up through the weekend so you can follow our progress, and we will continue to add mail-in donations as they come in over the next few days.
Remember: Every single donation countseven if it’s only $5 or $10.