LAST CALL: Can you donate just $5?

Today is the last call for our Christmas fundraising campaign. With your help, we will reach the $129,360 left to raise.
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By Steve Jalsevac/John-Henry Westen

By Steve Jalsevac/John-Henry Westen

Today is the LAST CALL for our Christmas fundraising campaign and the last time we will be appealing for contributions towards the annual Christmas campaign.

With your help today, we will reach the $129,360 left to raise to keep our pro-life and pro-family mission operational, speaking the TRUTH clearly and without fear as we begin 2019!

As usual, we will leave the campaign thermometer up through Christmas week through to January 2 so you can follow the progress of last minute, year-end and mail-in donations. A significant amount usually comes in during that period of time every year. We especially hope and pray that that pattern continues this time.

Amazingly, it would take less than 1% of our 3 million+ monthly readers to donate as little as $5 to get us all the way to that necessary goal.

Will you be a part of that generous 1% and support our mission to build a Culture of Life and Family with a donation today - even if it’s just $5 or $10? 

What if I told you that your generosity to our mission would ensure that the truth on life and family would reach professors and students at universities where darkness is so present today? Would you consider supporting our mission?

What if I could show you how much even just one small gift to support our mission would inform and equip this next generation of life and family activists and leaders? Would you give a gift today?

I am confident that a gift from you will do all of this and more.

For example, Elizabeth is a twenty-one year-old university student in Virginia who not only daily follows our reporting to inform herself on issues related to life, family, and her Christian faith, but she has taken our articles into the public square like you wouldn’t believe!

It’s no shock that university classrooms are breeding grounds for militant opposition to the life, family and faith principles that have been the foundation of our civilization. There is an ever-present darkness at many universities and they desperately need light and truth to break through.

As a senior Communications major, Elizabeth has been using LifeSiteNews to bring that light and truth into her university classrooms.

She noticed in her Communications textbook that the ideals of conservatism, patriotism, and Christianity were all linked to the term “dominant hegemonic ideology,” which were then taught as being “oppressive” ideals in society. These ideals were being construed as “stifling to progressive liberalism.”

She then noticed the ideas promoted in her textbook were depicted in this way because of the way that they make a minority of people “feel.” But, she told LifeSite, “the way one ‘feels’ about a certain ideal isn’t a basis to discredit or vilify those which can be objectively proven, such as Christianity.”

Not only has she informed herself on the truths that our mission provides, but she uses the topics we report on in her papers and in-class discussions to demolish the fog of purely subjective indoctrination.

This semester, she was able to read up on the #WalkAwayMovement, which she said, “she had never heard about until seeing it on LifeSite.” She decided to write a critical analysis piece on this movement by using the knowledge she gained from our reporting to debunk liberal progressive logic using its own principles.

The response she received for taking a stand was typical of closed-minded university progressives. In his corrections, the professor redacted the paper of any mention of objectivity. Imagine, a university professor rejected the idea that there can be any such thing as provable, objective truth.

Yet, because our reporting is a testament that she is not alone in her beliefs, Elizabeth continues to take a stand and defend the truth regardless of any pushback or irrational corrections she receives.

You see, your support of LifeSiteNews is reaching far more students, professors, activists, and leaders than we could have ever imagined! You are making a difference not only in Elizabeth’s life, but in the lives of millions of other young people around the world.

With your donation in the last day of our fundraising campaign, we can reach even more lives next year. Will you give a gift of support today?

On behalf of the entire team here at LifeSite, we want to wish you a truly blessed and merry Christmas!

Above all, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have generously responded to our Christmas campaign, and to all of our fundraising campaigns this year. God bless you for your generosity and trust in our mission!

For our incredible team of pro-life journalists, editors and support staff, working for LifeSite is truly a labor of love. Knowing that there are thousands of dedicated readers like you who are standing right beside us, willing to personally sacrifice to keep this apostolate functioning, means more to us than we can possibly express.

Finally, if you are not financially able to support this mission with a gift today - and even if you are! - please don’t forget that truly the greatest gift you can give to LifeSite and our staff is your continued prayers.

Please pray not just for the success of our Christmas campaign, but for all of our staff. Every day our remarkable team is faced with making decisions about how to report on some of the most challenging and difficult moral issues facing our culture.

We remind ourselves daily that our hope is in the Lord, and that we must turn to Him constantly, putting our work firmly in His hands, and relying on His faithful support.

We are asking you this one final time to make possible our mission to report the TRUTH, without compromise, on the most important issues facing our culture!

If you've made a donation already, or sent in a donation by mail, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Again, after today, messages related to this campaign will cease. We leave the final results in your hands!

Remember: Every single donation is greatly appreciated, even if it’s only $5 or $10.

Finished reading? Want to make a difference?

You depend on our news reporting. We depend on you. Make an impact today.

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