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April 1, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Today is the LAST CALL for donations to our 2021 Spring Fundraising Campaign. We still need YOU to chip-in to help us with the massive undertaking of detaching from Big Tech and expanding our own infrastructure for reporting the news – like opening our own International Broadcast Studio!

As we have mentioned a number of times, and as we are sure you are aware, huge challenges lie ahead for us this year. Big Tech is pouring hundreds of millions into silencing the truth – especially as it pertains to life, family, faith, and our basic freedoms. 

We are having to hire more competent staff in order to handle the rapidly growing volume of needed work on all fronts. It constantly seems there are never enough as news develops continue to explode beyond anything we could have previously imagined.

We currently have 55 staff members in 8 countries and each one works tirelessly to help accomplish the never ending mountain of tasks we face. Just since our last campaign in December, we have hired 4 new staff members.

  • Celeste McGovern– Celeste joined our journalism team. Celeste is a veteran Canadian pro-lifer and is truly a warrior for the cause. She has been a friend of LifeSite for years and we are excited for her to join us as a staff member!

  • Gillian Evans– Gillian joined the marketing team as a Social Media Coordinator. As we face increased censorship, we need special skills to combat those attacks and help us grow on the new alternative social media platforms. Gillian is a mother of two young kiddos and enjoys reading, gardening, and traveling.

  • Jeremy Williamson– Jeremy joined our tech department to assist with ever growing IT and technology needs of LifeSite, including the recent attempted hack. Jeremy lives in Canada and is passionate about politics and even has his own personal podcast focused on attacks on freedom.

  • Michael DaPos– Michael joined our Advocacy department to assist with Voter Voice and LifePetition campaigns. Michael is passionate about politics and encouraging others to get involved.

We are also looking at hiring at least one new US and one Canadian journalist. They are urgently needed because we are still short of journalists needed to properly cover the incredibly important developments happening every day.

The support we receive from our readers is vital to ensuring we can continue to reach as many people as possible with truthful news. Any amount you can give at this time, large or small, is greatly appreciated!

Please consider a generous donation, or perhaps even a smaller chip-in monthly pledge of just $10 or even $20 per month, to sustain our efforts to provide a truthful life and family news source 24 hours a day – 365 days a year. 

Use this secure link to make a donation now:
(Please Note: LifeSiteNews is a 501(c)3 organization, and donations are tax-deductible in the United States.)

As you consider joining our giving family, imagine the world without the pro-life and pro-family reporting we provide. Worse yet, imagine Big Tech winning the censorship battle and the truth being silenced far and wide!  

Without your support, the over 50 million people who will come to our website for their news this year would be without the Truth. If our readers do not generously support our efforts and help keep this news service operational, we cannot completely detach from Big Tech, and we risk being unable to withstand censorship. 

But with you support, we will be able to continue our efforts to detach from Big Tech so that we can have the freedom to report the news on our own terms.

As this is the LAST CALL for donations during or Spring fundraising campaign, I hope you will consider the ways in which you can be a part of countering the agenda of the mainstream media and providing the fuel that our mission needs to continue our efforts to be a vehicle for truth in a world that so desperately needs it. 

Please consider making a donation now to support our efforts. Click here to donate:  

Please keep the success of our mission in your prayers, and be assured that our team prays for you, and all of our readers and supporters on a daily basis on our morning staff prayer call.