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We've nearly reached our goal, but we cannot reach our goal without your support - you who believe in our mission to use the power and influence of the media to transform our culture.
Fri Mar 29, 2019 - 11:08 am EST
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This is the last appeal letter for our Spring fundraiser. The campaign will officially end at the close of today, but of course, donations can still be made anytime, and we will be collecting mail-in donations for a few more days.

We cannot reach our goal without your support - you who believe in our mission to use the power and influence of the media to transform our culture.

We have $72,000 yet to raise. It may seem a formidable challenge to raise that amount at the very end of the campaign, but with hundreds of thousands of readers coming to our site today, it is ABSOLUTELY possible!

And, we simply MUST make it.

Amidst the attacks on life and family, we cannot afford not to speak the truth; we can’t be forced to cut back our services when we have more to report than ever before!

If every one of our readers pitched in even just $5 or $10, we could easily surpass our goal! Will you help us reach our goal with a monthly gift today? You may also give a one-time gift here.

Imagine the world with fewer articles that supporters like you enable us to share with the world. The thought of the stories, victories, and culture warriors that would go unnoticed concerns our team.

As a follower of our reporting, you know we provide something that no one else does. We are the only international news service tackling all of the issues related to life, family, faith, and culture. We are battling the culture on every front and addressing each issue.

Your donation will ensure we can continue to do this!

We are 100% reader-funded, and without the support of thousands of readers like you, we simply would not exist. Your gift will ensure that we continue to be the go-to source for life and family news around the world.

Please consider supporting the LifeSiteNews family today with a donation of any amount! We appreciate any support that you are able to give.

After today, all appeals related to the Spring Campaign Fundraiser will cease. We leave the results in the hands of God knowing that He shows His generosity through your sacrifice!

We will leave the campaign thermometer up on the LifeSite home page for the next few days to allow readers to follow the addition of last-minute online, telephone, and mail in donations.

Every single donation counts, even if it’s only $5 or $10, and brings us closer to the minimum and necessary goal we must reach in order to continue our international news service.

As we enter the last few hours of our campaign, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks as you consider contributing towards our mission. May God bless you for your sacrifice and work for this mission!

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