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Fri Mar 27, 2020 - 11:24 am EST
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March 27, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Imagine the world without daily news reports from LifeSite, without the knowledge of the darkness that plagues our society, or about the many heroes that are fighting to promote and save what is good. 

Yesterday, on the last day of our campaign and typically the biggest day for giving, we experienced some issues which delayed our vital email to you and other LifeSite readers. And now we have had to extend our campaign because we are $50,000 behind the necessary amount to fund our news reports for the next three months.

We are 100% reader-funded. That means without your generosity, and readers like you, this alternate, Christian news source that upholds your values—that protects life, family, faith and culture. 

If you can give a gift of any amount today, please use this secure link: 

Because of a generous family who wants to protect those values you hold dear, your monthly gift will be matched every month this year, DOUBLING your impact.

So, I am asking you today to stand with us on the Frontlines with a gift of financial support. Your situation may require your gift to be smaller. I understand that. That’s why I always say there is no gift too small. No matter the amount, if you stand with us now, you are helping to guarantee our continued coverage of the most important issues of life, family, and faith tomorrow – and into the future!   

The truth is, you and millions of others will be without the Truth if you don’t keep this news service going with generous gifts of support.  

Monthly donors are vital to our work because they enable us to bring you news, no matter what comes up, like world-wide pandemics. This year alone, monthly donors have made it possible to expand our video and podcast efforts. They have helped us branch out to different media platforms in order to combat censorship from Facebook and other social media sites. 

So please, consider giving a monthly gift today.

Our journalists hear from countless readers, leaders, and activists each year who tell us they don’t know what they would do without the honest, hard-hitting, original reporting your support provides.

After today, appeals related to the campaign will cease. We leave the final results to Divine Providence.

As usual, we will leave the campaign thermometer up through the weekend so you can follow the progress of last-minute mailed-in and other donations. 

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