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Conservative Party leadership candidates Pierre Lemieux and Brad Trost

UPDATE: The Conservative Party of Canada has extended the online registration deadline until 11:59 PM tonight, local time wherever you are.

March 28, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — In the person of Justin Trudeau, you’ve witnessed the destructive power of a rabidly pro-abortion, anti-family values Prime Minister.  

In Trudeau’s short time in office, he has unleashed a tsunami of evil, including:

  • $650 million Canadian tax dollars earmarked to kill black babies in Africa and to overturn anti-abortion laws in other countries;
  • Legalized the murderous practice of doctors killing their patients;
  • Moved federal legislation that will grant biological males the legal right to access girls washrooms, change rooms and showers;
  • Initiated legislative steps to strike down the sodomy law which bans adults from being able to have anal sex with minor children under the age of 18

Have you ever wondered: “What could a pro-life Prime Minister do?” 

Well, you’ve got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out. Brad Trost and Pierre Lemieux are unapologetic, pro-life, pro-traditional marriage leadership candidates who have a real chance of winning the Conservative Party of Canada’s (CPC) leadership contest.  

The fact is, whoever wins the CPC leadership, is likely to become Prime Minister in the future. So, back to our question:  What could a pro-life Prime Minister do?

Smart, unapologetic, and media-savvy politicians like Brad Trost or Pierre Lemieux could fundamentally transform Canada. Such a leader could put us on the path to restoring a Culture of Life in Canada. 

Here’s just a few examples of what Prime Minister Lemieux or Prime Minister Trost would have the power to change:

  • Cancel all international abortion funding with Canadian taxpayer money;
  • Pass modest pro-life legislation that would receive broad public support, even from those who identify as “pro-choice,” such as banning sex-selective abortions and passing an Unborn Victims of Violence Act;
  • Appoint pro-life & pro-family judges to lower courts throughout Canada, and perhaps even to the Supreme Court, thus breaking the choke hold that liberal judges have held on us for generations;
  • Pass legislation that would protect people of faith from employment discrimination and other types of persecution, on the basis of their religious belief in traditional marriage, as is becoming more common in Canada

To make a Brad Trost or Pierre Lemieux Prime Minister-ship a reality, become a voting member in the CPC no later than March 28 at 11:59 PM, local time wherever you are. This will make you eligible to vote in the May 27 leadership election, or earlier by mail-in ballot. 

To become a voting member now, sign up at either the Pierre Lemieux membership portal or at the Brad Trost membership portal

After you sign up, please send us a note to [email protected].