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The Hon. Brian Peckfordscreenshot/YouTube/ CBC NL - Newfoundland and Labrador

VICTORIA, British Columbia (LifeSiteNews) – The last living author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms delivered an inspiring speech in support of the Freedom Convoy protesting dictatorial COVID mandates.  

The Honorable Brian A. Peckford, a former premier of the province of Newfoundland and the last living architect of the Canadian Charter, gave a powerful and fact-laden speech last weekend in support of the Freedom Convoy protesters while detailing the egregious violations of the rights of citizens by government in the name of COVID-19. 

“Every Canadian has equal rights and has equal rights before the law,” Peckford stated at a rally in Victoria, British Columbia in support of the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa. 

He added: “Section 2 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, what does it say? It says you have freedom of expression, freedom of conscience, freedom of religion… freedom of the press,” he added. 

“You have freedom to associate! You have freedom to assemble!” he told the roaring crowd, asserting that the actions of the protesters are explicitly protected under the law. 

Peckford explained that per Section 6 of the Charter, Canadians have the right to move unimpeded anywhere in Canada, and even the right to “pursue a livelihood” in any province or jurisdiction in Canada. Peckford said this right was transgressed last summer when the federal government announced a ban on air, sea, and rail travel for the unvaccinated. 

Detailing how under Section 7 Canadians are protected from any attempt to mandate or coerce vaccination, Peckford stated, “You also have the right to security of the person; nobody is allowed to touch you unless you agree!”   

“You must remain steadfast that as an individual you come first, the groups come second…,” he urged the crowd.  

“When the individual gets submerged, by a group or something else, that’s the beginning of the decline of our democracy.”   

Peckford related how when the Charter, which is part of the Canadian Constitution, was written by him and his fellow politicians in 1982, they added a provision stating that the only way that these rights could be suspended even temporarily was through the democratic process in times of “war or insurrection.” 

“A virus from which 99 percent recover, is no war or insurrection,”  Peckford exclaimed. 

“So don’t be fooled by those who try and tell you that somehow you can skirt around the Charter of Rights and Freedoms,” he added.  

“I was there. I helped write the damn thing! And they [the government] are wrong, and they [the truckers] are right!” 

Peckford has been outspoken in recent months about the flagrant violation of Canadians’ rights during the so-called COVID-19 emergency.  

Last week, the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms announced that they had filed a lawsuit in federal court on Peckford’s behalf, seeking to strike down the federal government’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine requirements for air travelers. 

“It is becoming more obvious that being vaccinated does not stop people from getting Covid and does not stop them from spreading it,” stated Peckford while announcing his suit. 

“The government has not shown that the policy makes flying safer—it simply discriminates,” he underscored.  

“When I heard Prime Minister Trudeau call the unvaccinated ‘racists,’ ‘misogynists, ‘anti-science’ and ‘extremist’ and his musing ‘Do we tolerate these people?’ it became clear he is sowing divisions and advancing his vendetta against a specific group of Canadians—this is completely against the democratic and Canadian values I love about this country,” Peckford lamented.   

“The federal travel ban has segregated me from other Canadians. It’s discriminatory, violates my Charter rights, and that’s why I am fighting the travel ban,” he added. 

While the Federal government under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has continued to double down on the implementation of COVID restrictions, maligning those opposed to the tyranny as a “fringe minority,” the Freedom Convoy seems to have put pressure on politicians around the country.  

Since the truckers’ convoy arrived in Ottawa last weekend, the western provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan have announced their intentions to remove all COVID restrictions in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, the federal Conservative Party has ousted their mandate-supporting leader amid the growing tension between the protestors and the COVID regime.