Late-Term Abortion Hospital Covers Up Saint’s Portrait - Bishop Objects

CALGARY, December 14, 2004 ( - The covering-up of the picture of a saint, depicted inside a chapel at Calgary’s notorious Foothills hospital, has brought the ire of local Roman Catholic bishop Fred Henry.  The hospital claims the picture of St. Luke, a physician, is offensive to non-Christians, and has had doors placed over it. A note over the doors explains that any representation of the human form in a place of worship is offensive to both Jews and Muslims. Bishop Henry said the move is ridiculous.  The Foothills hospital gained notoriety in 1998, after nurses charged that hospital staff were committing infanticide. Doctors performing illegal late-term abortions there would later neglect otherwise viable babies that were born alive, according to nurses, letting the babies die. A police investigation that neglected to interview eyewitnesses said the claims were unfounded.

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