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Abortionist LeRoy Carhart in a screenshot from pro-abortion documentary After Tiller

GERMANTOWN, Maryland, March 22, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life activists say Dr. Leroy Carhart's late-term abortion clinic in Maryland sent another patient to the hospital on Sunday.

The ambulatory evacuation of an underage girl to Shady Grove Hospital is the fourth from Carhart's Nebraska and Maryland locations since December 2015.

According to video and a press release provided to LifeSiteNews by local pro-life activists, eyewitnesses say two emergency vehicles were sent to Carhart's clinic, Germantown Reproductive Health Services. An underage girl was then sent to a local hospital, marking what the Executive Director of Maryland Coalition for Life said in a statement was the seventh “documented” case of injury, in addition to one death, at the clinic since it opened in 2010.

In a phone conversation, a spokesperson for Germantown Reproductive Health Services declined to comment on the latest alleged evacuation. Spokespersons for Shady Grove Hospital did not respond to multiple requests for comment from LifeSiteNews as to whether the hospital had taken in the underage patient.

According to Andrew Glenn, executive director of Maryland Coalition for Life, “With this many medical emergencies happening so close together, the Board needs to immediately suspend LeRoy Carhart’s license while these unfortunate incidents are fully investigated. There have been 7 documented injuries and 1 death here in Germantown and 5 other serious cases from his Nebraska office.”

“This man is a danger to women, and it is the responsibility of the State authorities to thoroughly examine the competency of this out of state doctor who is nearly 75. Germantown Pregnancy Choices will be filing a formal complaint to the Maryland Board of Physicians today to report the medical emergencies that occurred during the last four months.”

Two of the other three recent ambulatory evacuations took place on December 15 and January 19 in Germantown. The fourth, on February 4, was in Nebraska, after Carhart spoke to medical students at Johns Hopkins University.

According to a recording of the presentation conducted by Students for Life of America and provided to LifeSiteNews, Carhart was asked about his health. The student also asked whether there were regulations limiting how many hours he could work to make sure his “patients are healthy.”

“I guess I'm too old, too,” Carhart joked in response. “There are a lot of things that some people come up with. I don't know where the exhaustion thing came from. Maybe I look tired to you today. I've been up since, what, 6:00 this morning. Still going.”

“I don't think that I've ever been impaired because of sleep or exhaustion, or whatever. I fly into here, but I sleep the whole four hours on the airplane” to and from Nebraska. “We do spend long days…”

Johns Hopkins undergraduate student Andrew Guernsey, a former president of the on-campus pro-life group Voices for Life and a former LifeSiteNews intern, spoke to Carhart the evening he spoke at the university. According to Guernsey, the abortionist “seemed slow and lethargic” during their conversation.

“Carhart seemed to me to be sickly, exhausted and of ill health and stamina. His face had a droop to it and his expression and voice conveyed little emotion or liveliness . His voice seemed feeble, monotone and tired,” Guernsey told LifeSiteNews.

Carhart is perhaps most infamous for, in addition to his late-term abortion career, killing 29-year old Jennifer Morbelli. Morbelli had gone to Carhart to end a 33-week pregnancy; her 2013 death resulted in an investigation of Carhart's practice.