By John Connolly

RIGA, Latvia, December 12, 2007 ( – In what homosexual activists are complaining was an attempt to bar gays from political life, Cardinal Janis Pujats delivered a statement on homosexuality in public life on December 10, calling for all political leaders to support the Latvian people’s moral values.

As Latvia prepares to elect a new parliament, Cardinal Pujats called upon voters to block any individual unwilling to represent the people’s moral values from running for Prime Minister. The Cardinal asked candidates to affirm that they are “ready to defend the Latvian nation against the invasion of homosexuality in public life.”

“As a cardinal, I say this in the name of Latvia’s half-million Catholic believers,” said the statement. “They are citizens of their country and have rights to express their opinions on all issues of national importance. People are entitled to receive a public answer.”

Cardinal Pujatis further iterated that it is the duty of the government to protect the ordinary citizens from militant homosexuality, a movement he has warned Latvia about before. The Cardinal refused to be tolerant of moral corruption and the harm to the populace and society that comes from it.

All three candidates for Latvian Prime Minister have attempted to distance themselves from the Cardinal’s statements, and leaders in the homosexual movement have denounced the statement on the grounds that it violates the laws of the European Union.

The Latvian parliamentary elections will take place Monday.

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