OTTAWA, October 11, 2012, ( – An elderly gentleman wearing a black cap with grey tuffs of hair sticking out can usually be spotted on Parliament Hill holding a sandwich board sign that reads “The womb is the deadliest place in Canada,” and “I am Human, Not a Choice”. You will see him there in summer or winter, rain or shine, hot or cold, sleet or snow, in good times and in bad.


Donald Andre Bruneau, a man who, through thick and thin, has stood as an unshakable witness to the plight of unborn children slated for abortion, was moved yesterday by the witness of a young teenage girl who joined him briefly during his vigil at Parliament Hill.

“What brings you here?” Bruneau asked the girl, who was holding a handcrafted sign.

“I also want to protest against abortion, because abortion stops a beating heart and that’s killing a baby,” the girl responded.

Bruneau told that he was stunned by the girl’s articulate response.


“You are a very pleasant surprise and you are most welcome here with me, to protest against abortion,” he told her.

Bruneau then read the girl’s handcrafted sign: “Abortion Stops A Beating Heart — That’s Killing.”

The girl, Jazzmin by name, explained to Bruneau that since a baby in a mother’s womb has a beating heart, then to “abort it is to kill a human being.”

Jazzmin went on to tell the pro-life warrior that just because the small baby in the womb is not “out here with us” doesn’t mean that it’s “less alive than us.”

“The location of the baby really doesn’t matter,” Jazzmin told the astonished man.

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Bruneau told LifeSiteNews that he was “deeply moved” by Jazzmin’s convictions and knowledge about abortion.

“I was so moved, so touched to see a teenager speak this way,” said Bruneau.

“Jazzmin represents what a true pro-lifer is all about. She is a total contrast to so many women and youth of today who are saying: ‘It’s my body, my choice.’”

“I could see that for a young teenager, she was much better informed than most people, especially the Ontario Minister of Education, Laurel Broten who said recently that it was ‘misogynistic’ for Catholic Schools to teach that abortion is wrong.”

Bruneau believes that the Minister of Education could “learn a thing or two about life from a high school student like Jazzmin, who knows that abortion is taking the innocent life of another person because it stops a beating heart.”

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