SAN ANGELO, TEXAS, June 22, 2012, ( – For an actress on television’s Law and Order, supporting Planned Parenthood is a family tradition passed down for four generations.

Actress Stephanie March, who plays Alexandra Cabot on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit, told local media in San Angelo that her great-grandmother Ruby helped found the West Texas Mothers’ Health Center in 1938. The facility is now run by Planned Parenthood of West Texas.


The Dallas native says she carries on the tradition by supporting the abortion industry.

March weighed in on the state government’s plans to prevent taxpayers’ dollars from going to abortion providers. “To deprive people of the little bit [of help] that already exists seems cruel and unthinking,” she said.

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March related a story about a woman with cancer, who was already a single mother to a four-year-old son, and received “help” from Planned Parenthood.

She said without abortion services, the woman would have had “either to orphan her child, drop out of the teaching program that she was in, face mounting debt and serious health crisis or be able to come through it on the other side, raise her little boy and finish her degree.”

The profile, which discusses the actress’ ties to the town where her mother still lives, also notes her philanthropic work with Safe Horizon, a New York-based nonprofit that assists victims of child abuse.

In 2007, the Internet Journal of Pediatrics and Neonatology found women with a history of abortion engaged in significantly more frequent acts of physical violence against their surviving children, including slapping, hitting, and beating them. 

Law and Order: SVU will begin its 14th season this fall. The program’s 2002 series finale depicted a Catholic priest as a pedophile, whose diocese covered up his crimes.