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April 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A recent episode of the popular police procedural Law & Order: SVU portrayed prohibiting transgendered individuals from serving in the military as an impediment to bringing a rapist to justice.

A soldier won’t testify because “he” is actually a woman, and therefore has female DNA, but doesn’t want the military to know her true sex.

“If I testify, my country will attack me,” the character says. “From a stroke of tweet from Air Force One, I could lose my job, my career, everything I've ever worked for.”

The obvious reference to President Trump’s announcement of his ban on transgender military service is only the latest in SVU’s promotion of liberal causes.

In Genes (season 18, episode 13), the detectives become frustrated when a man who “counsels” men who think they have a genetic predisposition to rape says his religious freedom is being violated. The episode essentially portrays claiming “religious freedom” under the First Amendment as a convenient way to pervert justice.

The Netflix description of episode six of that season is: “While investigating the brutal attack of a transgender woman in a mall restroom, the SVU team uncovers ties to an up-and-coming rap artist.”

Episode eight, Chasing Theo, involves two estranged lesbians and “their” son. It ends with one of the women promising to testify that her ex-partner is a good mother, but says, “Theo needs both of us in his life.”

“I thought Theo didn’t need two mommies,” his custodial mother says.

“He does,” the partner replies, and the two reconcile.

Episode 19’s description on Netflix simply reads: “A devoutly religious young man accused of rape claims what he did was ‘curative intercourse’ to save the soul of his friend, who has lesbian urges.”

And Episode 20: “The outcome of a multiple rape-murder case hinges on the testimony of a sole witness: an undocumented gay Muslim terrified of being deported to Syria.”

Here’s what season 17’s third episode is about: “A transgender teen gets bullied by boys during her walk home, and when the taunts escalate to physical contact, the DA’s office and SVU get involved.”

Season 17, episode 18: “SVU struggles to reveal a sex trafficking operation that involves the police, government officials and the Catholic Church.”

There are five Law & Order episodes about abortionists being murdered, usually by pro-life activists.

SVU’s Catholic character, Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni), left the show at the end of season 12.