FARGO, ND, Jan 21 (LifesiteNews) – On Wednesday, Cass County District Court Judge Michael McGuire rejected the desperate plea of an abortion mill to dismiss a false advertising lawsuit against it. The abortuary argued that the plaintiff did not have standing to sue because she did not allege that she personally was misled or harmed by the brochure information in question which denied a scientific link between abortion and breast cancer, American Life League reported yesterday. The judge observed, however, that the relevant statute explicitly allows any person to sue for injunctive relief against false advertising on behalf of the general public.

As LifeSite reported last month the case was launched by Fargo resident Amy Jo Mattson, who is being represented by attorney John Kindley, author of a widely-read article in the Wisconsin Law Review on informed consent and the abortion/breast cancer link. The case is   supported by a local physician, a Fargo crisis pregnancy center, and the Fargo Catholic diocese.

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