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Teen says doctor fired her for refusing to have an abortion: doctor denies

Ben Johnson

DALLAS, August 21, 2012, ( – Eighteen-year-old Christina Garcia has a wonderful baby and a supportive mother. What she doesn’t have is a job.

Garcia claims last March after she told her employer, Dr. Meenakshi S. Prabhakar, that she was pregnant, he demanded she get an abortion - a charge that the doctor’s attorney has strongly denied.

“He said it wasn’t a very good image for him,” Garcia said.

Garcia claims that Prabhakar offered to pay for an abortion, college expenses, and counseling if she would agree to give her up child. “The only thing is that I would have to get the abortion and I would have to maintain birth control,” Garcia told local media. 

Garcia kept her baby, a girl now nine months old, but lost her job. The lawsuit alleges the doctor told Garcia she “would have to have an abortion in order to keep her job. When plaintiff refused, (she) was fired on March 7, 2011.”

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Her mother, Amanda, who worked for the same medical office, ID Doctors, quit after her daughter was fired.

Garcia is suing for back pay, front pay, reinstatement of her job, attorney’s fees, mental anguish, inconvenience, and various punitive damages. She could receive as much as $50,000.

The Dallas-based infectious diseases doctor, who has been licensed in Texas since 1997, has been silent for legal reasons, but his office has forcefully denied the charges.

The doctor’s attorney, Brian C. Newby, said Garcia’s tale is “fabricated.”

One of the doctor’s employees, Nalini Samuel, said the lawsuit was a “shakedown,” and the doctor is pro-life himself. “Ask her about her criminal record,” Samuel wrote. 


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