DALLAS, Texas, July 26, 2012 ( – A pro-life legal group is demanding that FBI officials under the Obama administration to stop their “Gestapo”-style interrogations of pro-life activists after one young leader says he was subtly threatened by federal officials earlier this month.

The Life Legal Defense Foundation (LLDF) sent a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Wednesday regarding the questioning of pro-life advocate Andrew Moore at his home in Dallas, Texas on Friday, July 13th. The FBI agents reportedly spoke with Moore for over an hour about his peaceful free speech activities on public sidewalks outside of Southwestern Abortion Clinic in Dallas.

Despite having no evidence that Mr. Moore had ever violated any law, the agents referenced his wife and newly born son, commenting that he would not want to be separated from his family, and suggesting that a felony conviction could get Mr. Moore deported.

“The FBI agents used bullying tactics and intimidated Mr. Moore,” said Dana Cody, Executive Director of the Life Legal Defense Foundation. “It’s deplorable that they want to silence his constitutionally protected free speech rights.”

The agents also asked Mr. Moore about his employment, how he met his wife, who his friends are, where they attend church, why he has certain political views, and why he engages in particular activities in the community.

“When has it become the business of the government to invade a private citizen’s residence to ask him such personal questions?” Cody added. “It is clear that the FBI is not merely seeking to enforce federal law, but is conducting a witch hunt of anyone who is openly critical of the Obama administration’s pro-abortion position.”

The FBI agents also asked Mr. Moore questions about his mother-in-law, Jill Stanek, who is a pro-life speaker, blogger, and writer. Stanek first achieved national attention during the 2008 presidential campaign for exposing then-Senator Barack Obama’s opposition to an Illinois law protecting the lives of babies born alive during an abortion.

“It is clear from the poignant questioning regarding Mr. Moore’s mother-in-law, Jill Stanek, that this agency is not merely seeking to enforce, albeit erroneously, federal law, but rather, to undergo a witch hunt of anyone who is openly critical of the Obama administration,” states the letter.

Lawyers also note that the training manual used by federal officials to coach police officers on conflicts between pro-life demonstrators and abortion facilities was written by Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Federation.

“If your agency is not going to heed the advice of a federal court judge, we will take proactive measures to protect and preserve not only our client’s constitutional rights, but his very freedom and liberty as well,” stated the letter.

The LLDF’s letter to the FBI is available here.